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4G is better known as the fourth generation of wireless internet communications. While it is still relatively new, you have the opportunity to experience the benefits of the technology through an affordable http://clearwirelessinternet.net package. Competitors might tell customers that 4G isn’t much better than 3G—it is important to know that these same businesses only say this because they don’t have 4G capabilities just yet. Before you make the smart switch to 4G internet, understand just seven of the benefits of this great technology first.

Fast Downloading

The primary benefit of 4G is the speed. It can run at 100 megabits per second. Plus, 4G is up to ten times faster than the typical 3G connection. Overall, this gives you the ability to download whatever you want from the Internet, all at a fast rate. As a 4G user, you can anticipate no more pauses of freezes during connectivity.

Large File Shares

Not only do you surf the Internet, but you also likely download and share files regularly. With older generation wireless connections, you can’t download large files very easily. This can be very frustrating, particularly when you need to download files for your business. 4G gives you the capability to download videos, games, music and even television shows.

Better Voice Capabilities

Have you ever wished that you could check your answering machine through your email? With 4G, you can do this while out of the house. This way you never have to miss out on important messages when you are away from your home office.

Large Ranges

As people travel more and work outside of the office at an increased rate, there is a demand for reliable wireless internet that delivers connections from around the country. With 4G, you can be assured that you can work on your mobile devices in California just as well as your home base in New York.

Maximum Mobility

Mobility is the key to good wireless internet because you are likely to work from a variety of operating systems. You don’t have to go hunt down a Wi-Fi connection so long as you have 4G on your computer and wireless devices.


With the increased prevalence of wireless internet, many people have concerns about the security of the information they access and share. In the creation of 4G, the U.S. government has helped to ensure that maximum security measures are implemented. This means that your 4G connection is much more secure than a 3G version.


Not only is 4G a reality for some internet users, but it is also much more affordable than you might think. The key is to get the right amount of wireless internet ranges to suit your needs. If you are a business owner, it might make more sense to invest in a package that you can take with you anywhere. If you can get a 4G package for the same amount of money as a 3G version, the right choice is clear.


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