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Log File Analysis - FastStats Log File Analyzer_ Quick, powerful

These are some of the apps that can make a Website efficient:


META Tag management made easy with Accutagger

It is developed to help you manage <META> tags. It can also generate Description, Keywords and <META> tags based on your requirements. Free trial is available on its Web site.

Major features:

  • Automated site analysis
  • Integrated spell checking
  • Automated report generation
  • Automated <META> tag generation


Log File Analysis - FastStats Log File Analyzer_ Quick, powerful

It gathers information from the Web server log files, including daily traffic, traffic sources and common keywords used by visitors in search engines. Data can be shown in graphic or table formats. FastStats is also useful to track down dead links and to monitor server performance.  FastStats is free for 30-day trial period.

Major features:

  • Elaborate reports to help Webmasters in analyzing the cost efficiency of their online advertising
  • A graphical hyperlink tree to show how visitors navigate the Web site
  • Site stickiness reports



A log analyzer for collecting site statistics, for example operating system and browser your visitors are using. Reports can be presented as HTML or text and printable. This app is free to use.

Major features:

  • Report on visitor application(s) or operating system
  • Sort data by the number of hits or alphabetically.
  • Filter visitor report



It is a log analysis app that gives you with an opportunity to track traffic data on more than one site.  It includes complete reporting as well as an opportunity to generate ad hoc and custom reports. It is also possible to track the effectiveness of banner advertisements, traffic sources, and find most popular pages on your site. The software is free to try.

Major features:

  • Custom reporting with filter options
  • Trend reporting on site traffic
  • The ability to check data collected from server logs



It provides webmasters with a quick interactive sitemap, which in turn offer simple site visualization and navigation. PowerMapper crawls your site and generates a site map containing thumbnails of each page; site map can be in GIF or HTML format. It also detects broken HTML tags and verifies links.

Major features:

  • Site map generation
  • Visual representation of site structure
  • Site map printing
  • Invalid HTML and broken links inspection

Search Engine Commando:

It is useful for measuring the effectiveness of online promotion.  The app can submit your newly created pages to major search engines and generate ranking reports. It is a trialware.

Major features:

  • Supports popular search engines
  • Works with many URLs and Web pages
  • Generates automated scheduling
  • Provides reports showing how well a Web page ranks against competitors

TopDog Pro:

It queries the major search engines for your URL and primary keywords, showing your and competitors’ positions. The app eliminates the chore of checking each search engine, typing in a keyword, and evaluating the results. TopDog creates reports on your Web site position and prompts you to changes in rank.  It is a trialware.

Major features:

  • Customizable reporting
  • Determine site ranking for a specified keyword
  • Built-in scheduling
  • Support for unlimited sites


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