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Make in India

When Narendra Modi launched the ‘Make in India’ campaign in September 2014, he wanted to transform India into a global hub for designing and manufacturing. There are many different sectors which he wanted to focus on during the ‘Make in India’ campaign such as Automobile, Aviation, Chemicals, Construction and Media and Entertainment, just to name a few.

Well, one specific sector that can really help the ‘Make in India’ campaign is that belonging to textiles and garments. And believe it or not, but one instrument that is playing an important role in this specific sector is the good old sewing machine. It may seem a bit surprising to note this, but sewing machines in India are really playing a crucial role in ensuring that ‘Make in India’ becomes a big success. To help you understand all of this better, the following points elaborate on this further:

  1. They take advantage of India’s high loom capacity:
    Since ‘Make in India’s’ primary goal is to attract foreign investors to initiate production in

    India, sewing machines end up taking advantage of India’s loom capacity, which happens to be the highest in the world. According to figures, 59% of the world’s loom share belongs to India, making sewing a viable occupation.
  1. They are easy to use:
    Sewing machines are pretty easy to use. As such, their reach is not just limited to urban locales, but rather cuts across states, villages and localities. In simple terms, even an uneducated woman in some village can easily use a sewing machine, thereby contributing to ‘Make in India’.

  1. They are cheap:
    The fact that sewing machines are not that expensive helps widen their reach even further. Unlike other instruments in other sectors, purchasing sewing machines to work in the textiles and garments sector doesn’t cost a fortune. Once again, this makes it possible for people from lower income households to make contributions to the textile and garments sector, which further ends contributing to the success of ‘Make in India’. This further explains why many of the latest Singer sewing machine prices are so affordable and economical.

Sewing Machine Is Playing An Important Role In "Make in India" Campaign


  1. They are increasing employment:
    As sewing machines are affordable and easy to use, they have a wider reach. As such, they are able to generate employment for people who would, otherwise, find it difficult to get jobs. Since these jobs are in the textile and garment sector, they are able to contribute to the 14% of industrial production and 4% of India’s GDP that this sector generates. This further makes India a more lucrative country to initiate production in, which further boost the ‘Make in India’ campaign.

So there you have it, four ways in which the sewing machine is contributing to ‘Make in India’s success. Considering they are so easy to use and affordable, one look at the Singer sewing machine price list reinstates the latter, it’s not that surprising. While this campaign still has a long way to go, and we’re only in its early days right now, it’s pretty encouraging to see it getting such a big boost from sewing machines.


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