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Acoustic Silencers

Acoustic Silencers can be used in institutional, commercial or even residential complexes. These are able to reduce noise pollution of the mechanical equipment which is normally transferred through the ducting system. These can also use in un-ducted systems like cooling towers, cooled chillers and generators. However, the operation of the parts of the silencer, the ducts and the electrical wiring of the channel must be kept in consideration while you choose the silencers.

These tend to be environmental friendly and when used for industrial purposes help in keeping the staff healthy.

Acoustic Silencers used with different Equipment

You find that these silencers can be used with multiple equipment, some of which are listed below. Apart from the online pressure silencer, and the gas turbine exhaust ones, you also find the vent, suction, hydraulic, the discharge silencers, the exhaust stack, the air filter and the steam vent silencers which work for a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions. Apart from this, for a number of industrial units and small workplaces you will find the separator silencers, the start-up vent ones, and the motor silencers. You can also get acoustic benefits from Steam Turbine Exhaust Silencers, Twin Lobe Blower Silencers, Compressor Discharge Silencers and the reactive silencers. You need to hunt online as you have multiple manufacturers of these acoustic silencers displaying their products with the information required on the design and any other specifications.

How are Acoustic Silencers helpful in the Ventilation Systems?

These silencers tend to reduce the noise generated by fans and any other units handling air. Due to the compatibility and the looks these can be installed in a manner in which they are visible. These silencers are able to maintain the parameters of the acoustic type in the different rooms. These seem to be ideal for reading rooms and sleeping rooms.

Opting for the Right Manufacturer of Acoustic Silencers

Look for manufacturers who can offer quality where these silencers are concerned. There are some manufacturers who can offer you silencers made of different materials like aluminum, steel and also stainless steel. With enough and more experience a manufacturer will be able to provide you the guarantee required. Many of the manufacturers are certified, this makes all the difference to the products. High quality acoustic silencers will require less of maintenance and will last for a longer time.

Information on Some Acoustic Silencers

As mentioned earlier there is a wide range of acoustic silencers. A little information on a few of them can make choosing easier.

Silenbox: This is a modular acoustic silencer with dimensions which are fixed. It has a covering of metal and is made of pieces which are perforated of material being absorbent. This seems to be ideal for aspirations conduit, air-conditioning units, refrigeration circuits, machine rooms and more.

Acoustic Silencers SNA: These silencers are absorbent cell ones which are fitted in a parallel manner with low loss of energy but high levels of flow. These are manufactured with galvanized steel which is incombustible and inorganic in nature. The cells are covered with a tissue which s protective designed in a manner so as to avoid the unraveling of the fibers. You can look for a specific one in this model as you have a wide range of models available. These seem to be ideal for machine rooms, ventilation systems and also air conditioning equipment.

Besides the above two you have a lot more listed on the websites of the different manufacturers which are reliable and cost-effective. All that is required is some time and patience to find the one required by you.


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