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Owners of commercial websites – at some point of time – realize the need to upgrade from Shared Hosting to Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting. It is only a matter of time before a judicious mind decides on making the unavoidable move. But the challenge is to know when to make this quintessential move.

To know the benefits of VPS hosting, read on…

Firstly, let’s try and understand what it means. VPS hosting means having a ‘dedicated’ server within a ‘shared’ set up. Providing complete access to the operating system, root access are the two top benefits of VPS hosting. It is like enjoying the important benefits of a dedicated server for a fraction of the cost.

A VPS server may provide space to several websites, but the performance of your site remains unaffected by changes to other websites.

What is the best time to upgrade?

Site owners think of upgrading only when they face one of the following (or all of them) issues:

When there is a need for better control

The need for complete control is the driving force for moving onto VPS. You do not get root access in shared hosting.

When it is essential to install multiple operating systems

VPS supports a hypervisor for installing multiple operating systems on same hardware. Running multiple operating systems gives you an edge over competitors. Shared hosting does not allow several applications, which is not the case with VPS hosting.

VPS hosting gives you the flexibility to install, say for example, both Windows and Linux. Both these operating systems are a must if you want run tasks on PHP,, Python, Ruby and PERL scripts.

At a time when downtimes need to be cut down

Pressure on server increases with more accounts being added to one server (this happens in shared hosting). As the system slows down, instances of downtime increase. An astute businessman understands the value of every second of black out. Choosing a VPS hosting increases efficiency of your site and decreases the probability of losing potential customers due to frequent downtime.

When security is a high concern

As the business grows, so does the risk of cyber attacks. Shared hosting leaves you vulnerable to ransomwares because many websites are hosted on the same server. Even if you are not the target of hackers, an attack on other website on the same server leaves you susceptible to similar consequences.

When you need strong technical help

Shared hosting offers only primary technical assistance for complex problems. VPS provides primary assistance and much more.

Expect the following support on VPS hosting:  

  • Setting up the server
  • Live technical support
  • Website migration
  • Optimizing server
  • Enhanced security

Choose VPS over Shared Hosting 

The advantages are many. Here we have listed some of the most important ones

  1. Dedicated space and resources

Less crowd and more space means you have resources on the server dedicated to your site. Fewer partitions on the server allow less sharing and dedicated bandwidth.

A time may come when your site needs more resources/space. VPS will reduce downtime and provide enough space to experiment.

  1. Superlative Performance

VPS gives you better hold on the functioning and performance of your website. Exclusive resources mean the performance of your site improves manifold. VPS puts you in the driving seat with greater control over the functioning of your site. Websites on Shared hosting face frequent downtime and slow down due to heavy user flow and limited resources. VPS comes with almost no limitations and helps you manage multiple websites and higher traffic flow.

  1. Enhanced Security

Compared to Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting comes at a higher price, which is still less than hosting on a dedicated server. However, security threats are very real on shared hosting. The choice is yours – Do you want to save money or protect your site from cyber attacks?

On VPS, you can install safety applications of your choice. A strong technical back up reassures you that your site is safe.

  1. Customized service

Install the software of your choice. Because VPS hosting allows high level of customization, you can scale your operations with ease. You can also install a software or change it with changing requirements.

 As we summarise, let me answer the question I asked you at the beginning: What is the best time to move on?

You should upgrade from Shared Hosting to VPS when your business demands enhanced security, better resources and scalability.


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