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When it comes to mounting a slim TV to the wall, different people have different wants and needs. Because of this, there are many different ways in which you can do it. They make wall mounts and brackets now that will put your television virtually flush to the wall, mounts that can tilt and turn in every direction and even mounts that can do both. All of these are popular for their own reasons, and slim TV brackets are no exception.

Advantages Of Slim TV Brackets

These brackets are for those customers that want to have their television as close as possible to the wall and have a very thin profile. These brackets are very popular in a place where the viewing area is very specific, as most of them don’t swivel and turn. You can also buy these that will come out from the wall and turn in all directions, but they tend to be a bit more bulky when you start adding these features. The advantages of these brackets are clearly all about neatness, space saving and keeping your television tucked neatly away.

Disadvantages Of Slim TV Brackets

The major disadvantage of most slim TV brackets are that they are limited in their mobility. Granted you can pay big bucks for the models that will move and twist, but the vast majority of customers that want slim TV brackets are buying them to keep a very low profile for their televisions hanging on the wall. Adding that mobility generally will add some thickness to the brackets unless you spend a good deal of money. At one time these brackets were also not considered as strong as some of the more bulky models, but those days are long behind us. Today’s technology allows for extremely thin materials to be incredibly strong.

What Type Of Customer Buys Slim TV Brackets?

Anyone that wants to have a bracket that tucks nicely away into your wall space and has a very low profile will want to purchase one of these. This customer will generally put a very large premium on minimizing the profile of their television in the living area. They also may be dealing with a smaller living area and be looking to save room or space. These wall mounts will take something as large as a 55 inch television and make it sit flat against the wall. That saves a ton of space alongside the incredible technology that allows for thin televisions these days.

If you need a great space saver and want to try  slim TV brackets, you can find them at most major retailers that sell televisions. Buying them online is also a great option but be certain you look at the specs ahead of time. It is very easy to get the wrong size or version if you are not careful. Expect to pay around GBP 100 or so for a decent model, but you can certainly spend more or less depending on what you need.

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