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Channelize Your e-commerce Strategy To Survive

In the current economic trends the online marketing is facing a cutthroat competition and so if you are still using a single channel to do all the sales and promotion then you are lagging far behind your competitors; while missing out on increased revenue that you would have got by channelizing your sales through many different channels. As for how to maximize your bottom-line, freelance SEO Singapore has bought some tips for you. The product that you are trying to sell must be present at various places so as to get broad exposure and increased net traffic on your website. As the internet platform is growing day by day it makes less sense day by day to just restrict your product in one spot.

Channelize Your e-commerce Strategy To Survive

If you are a small business or a startup then your marketing team must focus on putting your product in places that are popular in search engine pages. If your product is tangible then the best site for you to sell is through Amazon as it gets millions of internet traffic per day where people come to buy almost all kind of product. After putting your product on Amazon you have to get innovative with your online sales strategy and you must keep in mind that there is almost all type of products in the world that can be bought online. Take the ex of Etsy which is a marketplace for various kinds of handmade products, initially Etsy started with the aim to serve as an outpost for various artisans and artists to exchange ideas and share their products but now it has evolved to a sizzling market that gives you wide variety of handmade products.

Sites like e-bay have become very popular as they serve as an e-auction site and if you have any kind of vintage and rare item you can easily put it for an auction on e-bay from where people from all over the world would be able to see and id on your product thus giving you the exact worth of the item.

Another great site is Kickstarter while the site themselves described to serving creative projects and the artists, designers, and creative people who make them the best part about Kickstarter is that if your product needs more funding and innovation then simply put it on Kickstarter and that’s it, people all over the world would analyses it and then investors would support the products development and in return would get the product. Freelance SEO Singapore advises you to channelize your product through many sites to maximize the profit.


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