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There are two types of people – left brain and right brain. Scientifically, it is a proven fact that those, whose left brain is dominant, works logically, whereas the right-brained persons are the creative ones.

Getting trapped in a field opposite to what type of person you are is the worst thing that can happen. Some of the fields for creative souls are listed below –

Interior Designer : They are in demand almost everywhere be it a mall, home, commercial establishment, airport hotels and what not. A difference between an artist and an interior designer is that the former is restricted to a canvas or a sheet of paper whereas the latter‘s canvas is the entire room. They not only have to design or improve a residential or commercial space, but also have to work according to their client’s needs and budget. They create a piece of art by selecting the right colour, lighting, material, furniture and upholstery. The need for interior designers is growing by about 20% per annum. To have knowledge of CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) can be extremely beneficial.

Animation Expert/Lead : If you’re a creative person, then this would definitely be a dream job for you, needless to mention that Animation Careers can be extremely promising in terms of compensation too. And, there could be nothing better than the feeling of being well-paid and doing what you love, as an animation lead.

5 Of The Best Career Choices For Creative Person

Landscape Architect : A landscape architect combines nature with concrete jungles to bring out the aesthetic sense.  They use their intellect to make the areas like golf courses, residential or commercial buildings, shopping centres etc. beautiful without interfering with the functionality of the place. They decide on what shrubs or trees are to be planted in the surroundings and how the arrangement of flowering plants should be done so that the place is a treat to eyes irrespective of the concrete jungle inside. They are in great demand as landscaping is the first thing a person sees before entering the building.

Museum Curator : No museum can function without a curator. Each and every detail right from what to acquire, documentation to get it, packaging to get it transported without any harm to the art piece and finally where to display it, are all his jobs. Large museums have many curators who are specialized in their fields like curator of ancient arts, curator of modern art etc. In such museums, curators are not responsible for documentation and other administrative works. The exhibitions held in museums are also under their supervision.

Event Planner : With urbanisation and nuclear setup of families, people are short of time to plan big events like wedding, business parties, corporate events etc. So, event planners come into picture to discuss the requirements and the budget with the clients and based on that they plan each and everything. All details right to the minute ones are taken care of by them along with their team. The job is demanding and stressful, but if someone likes to be in charge and enjoy organising, this field is immense as the requirements are going up day by day. Nowadays people look for event planners even for small parties like retirement, birthday or baby showers.

Make the right choice to churn out your creative juices and do wonders.


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