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The Sony VAIO VPC-L231FX/W is a great all-in-one desktop. Apple all-in-one computers are no match for the video-editing powers of this device. At $1000, any multimedia enthusiast will surely be satisfied with this great desktop.

The VPC-L231FX/W has a two-pronged stand and seamless glass which is also evident on the VPC-L222FX/B. This stand is connected to the screen thru a single hinge. When in use, the device is fairly sturdy considering that there are tons of high-end components located inside the screen.

The VPC-L231FX/W is built with an Intel Core i3 processor inside it. This gives power tantamount to four cores working simultaneously. In reality, it is just two cores that perform multi-threading and multi-processing.

A good thing about this system is its wireless connectivity. By eliminating wires, people are able to work more freely. There is also less confusion when setting up the device. The keyboard and mouse are both wireless and utilize Bluetooth as it only requires short range communication. The system also has integrated Wi-Fi inside of it. Wi-Fi is very rampant these days but there are also some who prefer Ethernet and are not given the choice. The VPC-L231FX/W is equipped with an Ethernet port for those types of consumers.

One key feature of the VPC-L231FX/W is the availability of USB 3.0 ports. Multimedia enthusiasts are usually dealing with large video files and bulk photos. USB 3.0 makes it possible for these files to be transferred quickly so that no time is wasted. There is also a FireWire 400/i.Link port for people who need to connect camcorders and digital cameras. There is also an HDMI-out port which is perfect for extending your desktop to an HDTV or another monitor. It is clearly the perfect device for designers and artists.

The 24-inch screen offers a 1920 by 1080 resolution. 720p and 1080p HD videos are shown in full by this screen. People viewing the screen from four feet away will still be able to enjoy the high quality images or videos you produce.

The system comes with Sony’s Imagination Studio Multimedia Edition and other Sony software. These software, which includes Sony Vegas, are well-known and are used by anyone who wants to produce professional quality videos.

The hard drive of the Sony VAIO VPC-L231FX/W has a capacity of 1TB. This should have been increased to 1.5TB if they are pushing media developers and artists to use this desktop. The RAM provided is 4GB which should also have been increased to at least 6GB. Nevertheless, at its current configuration, the Sony VAIO VPC-L231FX/W is still ahead of the competition in midrange desktops.


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