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Some Incredible Apps

Well the time when Google Play store was second to Apple’s app store is one that is long gone. People now have the option of choosing from a wide variety of options. Here are some incredibly awesome apps that you should have on your Android because they are for free.

Some Incredible Apps


This app is so cool. We always have song stuck in our head which we can’t seem to recognise but now you will be able to because of the Shazam app. All you have to do is play the music to Shazam and Shazam will tell you about the title of the song, the artist and lots more. You can even sing along to the song with the lyrics option too. If there is a Youtube video, you will be offered a view too. The app works just fine even if you have no or low signal strength.


Click a self and post it. Have a video and post it. Flood your stream with edited pictures and post it and that is what most people think about Instagram but there is a whole lot more to it. Instagram is quite similar to today’s Facebook. You can +1 if you like something and follow your close friends. You can even stalk your favourite celebrity

There are about 2 hundred million users of the app already. The Instagram app is very easy to go about. For people who love seeing and clicking pictures, this app is heaven. You can event sync your Facebook account and Twitter account with your Instagram one. This app is down-right amazing.

What’s App Messenger

This king of free messaging in the form of the free app of What’s app is here and is set to rule the roost for long. You can chat, send pictures, videos and even send a voice chat. There is so much you can do over Wi-Fi or a good 3g connection. On What’s app it is possible for people to block people bugging them. The only drawback of this app is that you can see the other person’s last seen which can be a pain to some boyfriends and girlfriends and parents for that matter but other than that this app is great for our text savvy generation.

Temple Run 2

If you thought Temple run 1 was fun, you need to have a look at Temple Run2. We are not trying to kid you when we say that this app has reinvented itself and given a new lease of life to the Temple run saga. The giant ape which is on your tail makes the whole experience even more scary, so run for your precious life fast! That too very fast. Be prepared to go through some obstacles as well. Waterfalls, mines and jumping through mid-air, there is a lot that is going on in this game. The powers in this one will come in handy so make sure you collect enough points to reach the highest scores.

Google Drive

At no. 1, we have the much anticipated and looked up to- Google Drive. This app let you use and to store all your files you have at one place so all your work is simplified. You can gain access to files anywhere and anytime. You can even share them with friends and all of your contacts with a lick. The app lets you edit out those spread sheets and let you scan Docs for future use.

Even without 3G connections, you will still be able to access your files. For business people, this app is a saviour.

Presentations on this Google app can be seen with all those neat animations. The app that is Google Drive application makes it easy for you to get access to videos, pictures etc. and do a whole lot more. File management could not get any easier than this.

AVG Antivirus Security- FREE

This deals with timely protection and works constantly to stop data theft. The AVG Antivirus FREE is awesome to say the least. It fights off malware like a pro. This antivirus-programme-test is effective and clinical in dealing with spyware too. The antivirus through files to ensure the device is safeguarded form harm’s way.

The app is awesome to say the least. It will at once kill those malicious tasks which are causing your PC to slow down. The antivirus-programme-test is powerful and will help you locate your phone with the much used Google Maps. The antivirus-programme-test application stops phishing attacks too and so much more.

The antivirus-programme-test can be scheduled for a daily check or once in 7 day one or one as per the user’s choice. It is that flexible. Most people using Android phones vouch this antivirus-programme-test application because it is so handy.

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