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There are many up and coming tech companies on the horizon and each of them brings something new, exciting and hopefully profitable to the industry. There is a distinct mix of both old guard and avant guard when it comes to the most successful technology companies around. While some products are founded on age old principle and basics, others are developed to render some of the industry’s building blocks obsolete. Staying modern and in touch with the needs of the customer is important if you want to have a hope for longevity. What gives a business staying power? In this day and age, nothing short of consistent hard work is what a company will need to survive and go on to be successful. Techie companies have found themselves in a large niche, providing the millions and billions of computer consumers with the information and the services required. Whatever you expect from something as simple as your iPhone, your shuffle, your laptop or anything else – is what you’d get. It is almost magical the capabilities we are afforded in terms of the things we are able to do with our technology. It would seem the smaller some things get, the more powerful they are too. Let’s look at a couple of the most powerful techie companies in the industry today:


This is not not new technology nor is it a novel idea but Techinline’s major service is online remote access networking and they are leaders in the industry. A veritably small company, this service is considered one of the most important things as far as multifaceted tech support is concerned. It isn’t a uni-tasker so you know that you can do more than just have someone use remote access as strictly a repair function. The ability to remotely access one computer from another place completely is astounding and opens up several possibilities while definitely increasing productivity. Anyone who has ever lost a file or document or needed information from a computer sources that they weren’t directly in front of, will tell you how wonderful it is to have remote access to a desktop. This technology and this company are both here to stay!

Build Your Dreams

Build Your Dreams is one of the most modern and most progressive companies in existence today. With a worth tag stamped in the billions, this company is at the helm of smart, eco-friendly, sustainable cars, electronics, batteries and solar equipment. It might all sound a little pie in the sky to you, but outside the Americas, a lot of the world is seeing the value and placing merit in going green and replenishing the earth. With a name like Build Your Dreams, there is something of an ethereal air that wraps itself around this company and rightly so, as one of the most profitable they would seem a bit elevated. This couldn’t be further from the truth as they are famous for their community outreach support, silent investments in products and ventures that add to the earth rather than merely to drain it and they are also open to communicating directly with the public. Things like that make a difference when big business expects lofty investments from the public but still remains rather stoic.


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