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Technology Advice - 4 New Advancments In 2014 For Businesses To Be Aware Of

An entrepreneur should look to the future and try to stay ahead of the game. It is not always easy, but when doing so, one will have a big leg up on the competition. With this in mind, one should look towards technological advances to find new places to invest in the business. Here are four new advancements in 2014 that a company owner should be aware of.

Dedicated Hosting

In the past, people would run out and find coupons to get free or cheap Web hosting. This might work for a simple blog or personal website. However, this is not a solution for a corporate or e-commerce site as the owner must make sure that pages load quickly. To offer visitors the best experience, one should use Hivelocity. With this hosting firm, one can use a fast and dedicated server that will not throw up any errors.

Technology Advice - 4 New Advancments In 2014 For Businesses To Be Aware Of

Customer Tracking

Google Analytics and StatCounter are two of the larger tracking services. With these programs, a site owner can track customers and see where they go, where they came from and from which page they left. Furthermore, one can track their social media campaign and even see what works and what doesn’t work. This is important to do as it is hard to stay competitive when one does not know much about their clients.

Better Smartphone Apps

Previously, a company could impress people by having a simple app available for download. But, times are changing, and now an organization is expected to offer a free app to clients. If it does not do this, the customers will grow weary as most like to reach their information from an easy to use resource. Without a doubt, with a small investment, one can reach out to customers and make them happy with a simple and workable app.

The Cloud Storage

It is wise to backup vital files. Of course, when saving data at the office, one is still vulnerable in a number of ways. While backup drives are easy to use and can offer some protection, it is still not enough. Luckily, when putting files on the cloud, one can get to them quickly and will not have to worry about theft or any other issues such as earthquakes or floods.

It is wise to look to the future and predict technological trends. When doing so and following them closely, an entrepreneur can bring in more customers and make more money in the long run.


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