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The 2014 Guide To Technology: 5 Items You Should Know About

The great thing about technology is that it is always evolving to make things easier on us. If you are excited about the gadgets you bought during 2013, you should be prepared for revolutionary and efficient devices that will be available in 2014. Here is a look at five of the most interesting technology items that you should know about.

Google Glass

A few people already own a Google Glass, but the item is not going on general sale until the first or second quarter or 2014. The price is unknown, but expected to be between $500 to $1500. Google Glass is a unique device that allows you to access the internet, take pictures/videos, reply to text messages, and look at maps. Instead of needing to take out a device, simply order your Google Glass through voice commands. This product has been hyped up to the fullest and 2014 is rumored to be the year we start seeing it.

iPhone 6

It has been a while since the iPhone has gone through a proper overall. The past few releases have been nothing more than upgrades. While there was a recent change to the iOS, Apple enthusiasts are excited about what the iPhone 6 could bring. A larger screen, change in form factor, and various advanced features are rumored to be part of the package.

The 2014 Guide To Technology: 5 Items You Should Know About


Dino-Lite has always been at the cutting edge of technological research, releasing products that are both innovative and extremely useful. In 2014 they are set to release new versions of their handheld digital microscopes, and upgrades to the microscope’s eyepiece camera. Visit their site for the guide to buying Dino-Lite to help with your scientific research.

Mac Pro

In a complete change from what personal computers are meant to look like, the new Mac Pro has a cylindrical shape. Not only does this give it a fantastic form factor, but it also makes the device lighter and easier to store. The Mac Pro has fantastic specifications, and now has a look to match that of other Apple computers. Apple continues to be on the forefront of technology and will not dissapoint.

Reversible USB

Work has long been going on introducing a new type of USB connector. With so many devices being sleek and slim, the demand for an even thinner USB connector is greater than ever. The new USB is likely to be the size of micro USB connectors, and is expected to be reversible. This will increase its compatibility with a range of devices, and ensure that you will not have to worry about which side of the cable you are plugging into your computer, phone, camera or other electronic device.

Some of these gadgets already have previous versions, but it is the revolution of a new version that always excites. Mistakes from old versions are corrected, the user experience becomes simpler and smoother, and the world becomes more technologically advanced than we ever thought possible. These technologies are going to change how commerce works and how we interact with each other in both business and personal use.



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