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When you buy a home printer for the first time you will no doubt be excited by the thought of printing off photos, greetings cards and all sorts of other things.

This is great fun but your pleasure might diminish a little once you realise that you are spending more then you had planned to on the printing you do. The following 5 steps will help you avoid this.


  1. Think about What You Print

After a few days or weeks the initial excitement will probably wear off a little and you will stop printing everything indiscriminately. This is a necessary step because you simply can’t carry on printing off every single thing which takes your fancy. By thinking more about what you print you will make your printing costs a lot lower, help the environment and not run the risk of clogging up your house with lots of useless bits of paper.

  1. Check the Settings

Before printing off anything you should always makes sure that the settings are exactly how you want them to be. Do you really want to print off that recipe in colour or that email with the highest possible quality setting? Modern printers have a lot of options you can play around with in order to find the perfect one for your needs and not waste money on printing something which is higher quality than you need.

  1. Refill Your Toner Cartridge

Another fantastic way to cut down on your printing costs is to re-use your old toner cartridges by getting them refilled when they are empty. This is such a simple and low cost way of doing things that you will be able to enjoy your printing a lot more without worrying about the money you spend. Just about any type of printer can benefit from this approach. For example, if you look at one the top sites like you will find offers whether you need HP ink cartridges, Samsung toner cartridges or any other from the long list of models which are covered.

  1. Look After Your Paper

The final point which it is worth mentioning is that your paper is a precious commodity too. As well as the cost of buying it you should think about the environmental issues which wasting too much can cause. Printing on both side of the side of the paper is a smart way to use less, and you can also hold onto old pieces of scrap paper for printing off anything which isn’t too important.


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