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Regardless of whether you are interested in establishing your own web hosting company or need a large site that is able to handle all your requirements, a reseller hosting package could be right for you.  If you still need convincing, in the following article we will look at some of the advantages of choosing reseller hosting.

Room to Develop and Grow

If you own several sites, get a lot of traffic or have one exceptionally large site a reseller package is a sensible choice because you are able to pay a simply monthly fee for everything and for the money get a greater amount of space and features.  Often, companies like to run different sections of their sites from different servers and URLs, which can increase the overall cost dramatically.  However, if you invest in a reseller package you can just allocate different space for different solutions without purchasing additional plans.

Greater Number of Features

AUHost4u reseller hosting accounts usually come with a greater number of features than standard hosting packages.  The control panel for your hosting is usually a lot more powerful and enables you to manage your site more effectively.  In addition, companies often offer reseller accounts with unlimited SSL certificates and provide access to Cpanel, a site control panel.


When you purchase a reseller hosting package you essentially have your own dedicated server, without the worry of the complicated server issues that occur when things go wrong.  Companies that provide reseller packages also provide full technical support department who know how to deal with and fix problems when they occur.

Costs Less

While you would have to purchase a dedicated server if you chose a different package, a reseller package gives you similar features at no extra cost.  In comparison to dedicated solutions, reseller packages are actually very reasonably priced and allow you to have the financial resources to use in other areas of your site and business.  As mentioned earlier in the article, it is much cheaper to run many sites simultaneously using a reseller plan than having separate hosting plans for each.

Great Amount of Control

If you are interested in being able to manage and control every single aspect of your website effectively, then a reseller package is the best choice as this will allow you to micromanage your site.  You will have access to various features that enable you to control bandwidth limits, disk space usage and other important aspects involved in running a website.

An Extra Source of Income

If you purchase a reseller package and then realize that you are not using all your allotted space or don’t need to, or are operating your own web hosting business, you could make some extra money by reselling the space on your site.  If you are looking to increase the revenue of your business this can be a great way for your site to actually pay for itself while still providing you with space you need to run and manage your website properly.


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