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People may believe fine china or ancient pottery should be handled delicately when transporting from one location to another. However, it’s even more important to handle electronics with kid gloves. Any unexpected jolts, airborne particles, or electrical bursts can damage your electronics to the point they are unrepairable. This means a loss of income to you or your business and a decrease of productivity. To minimize these types of issues and keep your equipment operational after relocation here are a few things to consider.

Moving Electronic Equipment

Foremost, ensure your electronics are securely stored for transport. This is not simply the act of packing it in a box. You need your electronics to be surrounded by clean, non-conductive packaging. This is especially important if the equipment is being shipped a long distance where stopovers and harsh conditions can be frequent or, in the case of air shipment, changes in air pressure and temperature can affect it.

This is for equipment, like computers, which are enclosed in a protective shell. When it comes to transporting circuit boards is another matter entirely. To prevent deterioration along the way, individual circuit boards need to stored in static intercept sleeves to avoid one component or the entire board being burnt out due to stray shocks. Companies like Intercept Technology manufacture these types of bags in varying sizes. Storage tends to range between six and 12 months depending on transportation and environmental conditions.

Finally, if transporting the equipment via a freight carrier, check on their insurance and warranty policies when it comes to electronics. They can repair some chips in a bed frame but they can’t replace chips on a circuit board. Therefore, if your electronics are damage there needs to be compensation to order new equipment. Should they offer lower-end guarantees consider switching to another carrier. It may be best to consult with one which specializes in the transportation of electronics.

Moving electronic equipment can not be dealt with lightly. Loss of income and productivity can result if products are mishandled. Do your research to ensure the proper storage and transportation are being utilized to get your electronics safely to a new location.


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