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There are many sports fans out there that simply cannot get enough of their favorite sports, and for some every sport is their favorite sport, making it even more difficult to keep up with them all.  Some of those individuals will try their hardest to catch a game every week, others will watch sports updates any chance they get, but some are keeping up the smart way, with the smartphone app that makes staying up-to-date about as simple as it can get, even if you are always on the go.

The ESPN ScoreCenter application available to Android device users is free to use and one of the best of its kind.  The most updated version was released in January this year and has been installed an astronomical number of times. The major factor that makes this application so popular is the fact that it is associated with ESPN.

How the Android ESPN ScoreCenter App Works

The Android ESPN ScoreCenter application is simple to download, and even simpler to use.  To be sure, Android users do have the option of simply looking up scores on their Android device, but with this application the work is done for you.  After downloading the app. you will have to save your favorite sports and sports teams, so that the app knows exactly what information to give you, but other than that there is very little that you will have to do to stay updated.

The best thing about the ESPN ScoreCenter app. is that you can keep up on literally any sport.  Whether you are a racing fan, an ultimate fighting fan, a basketball fan, a football fan, or a baseball fan you can keep up with your team with this application, and you can do it right from your Android device.  And another well appreciated feature is the one that allows you to be alerted to important events, such as a touchdown, a goal, or a basket.

This allows you to go about your business without having to check constantly to make sure that you do not miss anything.  You can even set a running feed of sports news and scores as your home screen, making it even easier to keep track of your favorites.  It seems ESPN has done it again with the Android ScoreCenter application.

The Android ESPN ScoreCenter App

Pros of Using the Android ESPN ScoreCenter App.

  • Easy to keep up on all of your sports teams at once.
  • Application is free to Android users.
  • ESPN ScoreCenter application was recently updated.

Cons of Using the Android ESPN ScoreCenter App.

  • Runs constantly in the background.
  • Uses a considerable amount of memory.
  • No options for the alert feature.

There are many apps out there for sports fans but what can be better than one associated with ESPN, the name in sports. The ESPN ScoreCenter application is free, simple to use, and provides plenty of information, making it one of the top Android apps on the market. This application for Android allows your phone to work properly and with high performance.

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