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Creative fundraising ideas for non profits can engage the congregation and lift up souls in doing God’s work. Priests, pastors and leadership have to raise money to keep their important work moving forward. But, they are always mindful to include meaning into the fundraising, because their primary goal is to bring their communities closer to God’s Kingdom.

Shoe drive fundraising campaigns are a way to raise money and help parishioners and followers understand the sacrificial gift they make when they support the church in this critical way. In addition, shoe appeals are a way to enlist the future of leaders of our churches and missions–the children.

A shoe fundraising appeal is the best youth fundraising idea, as well as a first-rate idea for your whole community.


The reason is simple. Children and adults–practically anyone–can get involved in an innovative shoe fundraiser. No one has to give money or sell anything. All churches have to do is partner with a reputable shoe fundraising vendor. Once the footwear appeal is planned, congregants, church groups, youth ministries and everyone associated with the sponsoring church or mission is asked to contribute gently worn, used and new shoes.

Youth as young as three years old to the most senior parishioners can sacrificially contribute unwanted or unneeded shoes to the cause. This can be acknowledged in multiple ways, including at designated masses where parishioners can make their gifts symbolically at the altar.

When worshippers give their shoes to the church or mission, depending on the shoe drive vendor, they are not only supporting the cause, but they are helping others a world away. Millions of families around the world live in squalor and extreme poverty. The educational and economic systems in these countries make for a life of exceptional hardship.

To house, feed, clothe and educate their family, many entrepreneurial heads of households have to create their own economic opportunity. Many times, they do this by establishing micro-enterprises, or small businesses. Depending on the shoe drive fundraising company, the shoes collected at church can be shipped to developing nations around the world. Ultimately, they can become inventory for micro-entrepreneurs who repair, clean and sell the shoes in their local communities.

This is important work because it allows capable working-age adults to create their own economic path out of poverty. It gives them a lifeline they might not otherwise have in their communities. And, it reminds everyone that we are on this planet to be of service to others. What better way for parishioners and youth to support their local church or mission and help improve the lives of families they may never meet?

Ultimately, shoe drive fundraisers are the best creative fundraising idea for churches, missions and youth groups because it is the sacrificial gift that simply keeps on giving.

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