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Wireless internet connectivity is now a standard which modern devices and gadgets must meet. That is why most portable computers and tablets have built in wireless network adapters. One such adapter used in laptop computers is the Linksys WPC54G Wireless-G notebook adapter. This wireless network adapter is made specifically for laptop computers because of its thin compact design and structure, which makes it ideal for upgrading any kind of laptop.


Purchasing one is an ideal solution to problems like malfunctions in your current wireless laptop adapter and overheating. Having one of these installed into older laptops is a good solution for its lack of wireless network connectivity, it provides additional function and gives your laptop new value. The WPC54G Wireless-G notebook adapter is compatible with every version of Windows, which might be a turn-off for some consumers but it functions rather well despite its lack of platform flexibility. It comes with a quick and easy installation manual that holds your hand through a very short installation process, so you never feel like you are wasting your time waiting.


The Linksys WPC54G is one of the company’s rather common varieties of laptop adapters, which is equipped for both 802.11g and 802.11b. You can get better speeds from more expensive kinds of network cards but the WPC54G will do just right in home networks and rather speedy public Wi-fi hot spots. Security measures with this network adapter are pretty reliable since it enables older WEP security configurations and the newer WPA encryptions, equipping you with the trendiest security measure for WiFi connectivity.


It isn’t the greatest possible network adapter one can get his hands on, but it does do well considering that it is well-equipped for basic browsing and light networking. It is a pretty cheap solution when you plan to replace your older laptop network card and can only shell out so much for an upgrade. The WPC54G is a great solution for people on a tight budget looking to get more out of the functionality of their laptops.


The WPC54G is a breeze to install, light on the pocket and does its job rather well. So before you set out to your nearest tech shop to buy a wireless network adapter for your laptop, ensure that you will not regret buying just a common laptop wireless network card such as the Linksys WPC54G, unless you really don’t think you will be needing a better card for the connections you will be using.


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