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The New Generation American Book Critic and Reviewer Helps Adding Great Collection Of Books

Those who love reading classy novels or great compositions can now go online  and search for book reviews in order to find their loveable books. The resident of California Natalie Walet is a famed book critic who can give you comprehensive idea about top popular novels, great authors as well as varied tips. As for example, if you have a thought in mind to write reviews and become a book critic, you can get top class tips from Natalie.

All you have to do is to visit the blog of Natalie Walet or to find her in Facebook, Twitter like social sites to explore her guidelines. Needless to say, review of books composed by great authors, as well making comments on them demands great knowledge, clear understanding and broad outlook. It takes time and requires you to read and research books like ‘book worms’. According to Natalie Walet what is most important for a reviewer is typify the characters of a novel. The characters are most unavoidable elements because based on them and their roles the entire story progresses.

Natalie characterizes the bookish roles in major and minor groups. As she explains that under the major characters, the presence of the hero or protagonist as well as the evil character or antagonists is must. These characters are like the building blocks or foundation of the tale while their motion, role playing as well as conflict or clash are the facets that advance the story. On the contrary, there should be minor characters or supporting personalities who mainly help or perform on behalf of the hero or the villain. Though, minor roles don’t play any active part but their appearance is also important. All these characters should be clearly identified by a reader or a person like to make comments on it.

From the viewpoint of Natalie Walet , the core part of the story holds the hero or heroine also termed as protagonist. And typically, they should counter the odds or the conflicts which need to be resolved. Protagonists commonly play role of bad guys or anti heroes and naturally, they should play wicked characters. As per Natalie, that it’s the writer’s expertise as to how they create these characters, and great novels for centuries are remembered by people due to these characters only.

The villains come on the way and cause conflicts, and defeating antagonists are the great challenges to protagonists. Finally, by nature, truth that wins and protagonist overcome those conflicts at the climax. She also shows the difference of flat, round, static and dynamic characters of the story which you can well understand once you go through Natalie’s blogs. To become a good book critic, such characterization is quite significant. Natalie Walet can also help you find your favored books and novels. Those who are interested can follow her in Twitter to search and find out exclusive standard writings, compositions and authors.


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