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As most predicted, including Chicago marketing agency ValueMags, ISIS has claimed responsibility for the suicide bomb attacks on Monday night. The attacks took place near the concert hall where international pop star Ariana Grande was performing. The star was safe as security quickly protected her, however 22 civilians were killed. The worst part of the whole situation is that the majority of the killed were young girls that were attending the concert.

As a small business in a big US city, ValueMags is scared. The United States has been an ISIS target since the beginning of the rise of the terrorist group. Over the past year, ISIS has restored their presence in the world by hitting cities like Paris and Brussels as well. After 9/11, the world lived in fear. Gradually, citizens and individuals around the world became more comfortable and felt more safe. In the past year, ISIS has robbed most of their feeling of security and safety. Security is one of the most comforting feelings to have and yet, most Europeans and Americans are living their lives in fear. Not to mention civilians in the Middle East that are living in the middle of the chaos. The marketing and distribution company for magazines wants to play their part in making people feel more secure by providing them with ideal print entertainment. Although Americans cannot control what is happening in the world right now, they can take their minds off of it; and maybe feel safe for a split second or two.

Currently, Manchester is on lockdown. Many cities are on lockdown. The Weeknd is set to perform in Chicago this week but security is tight. There will be dogs at the doors and most concert goers will have a pat-down waiting for them before they get to enjoy what they paid for. ValueMags employees and citizens rather be safe than sorry. So arrive early at the concert!


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