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If you are a business owner keeping up with the latest technology, you have surely read a lot about iPad POS system. Many people avoid switching to an iPad because they fear the price, but an iPad is far less expensive than a traditional POS system. They also tend to be far easier to use.


Saving Money

If you want a traditional POS system, expect to shell out up to $20,000 per unit. Now, an iPad with the POS technology will cost you less than $1,000 per unit. This is a major cost savings and if you are a new startup and/or a small business, you want to save as much as possible and as much as $19,000 is a tremendous amount of money. Now, you will also need a cash drawer and the technology, but you will find these for around $1,000, so not bad at all. As you can see, the iPad will save you a lot of money. To add a cherry on top, the iPad systems are also always going to be easier to learn and use when compared to a traditional POS system.


Customer Relations

Being able to fully service your customers will always result in more money for you. If each of your associates has an iPad to carry around on the floor, you will be able to provide the highest level of customer service possible. For example, you have a customer who is a regular and is browsing. Your associate can head over and talk to the customer, look at the customer’s recent buying history and be able to recommend items that are similar to what he or she has bought in the past. This adds a very personal touch to your business and is sure to keep your customers coming back.


Keeping the Environment in Mind

When you make a sale on a traditional POS system, you will print a receipt and that is the end of it. With an iPad, you can email your customers their receipts. This will save a lot of paper and it can also help with keeping your business in the mind of customers. For example, you have a customer on a Tuesday come in and purchase a dress. You will email her this receipt and then when she checks her email, she will see this and it will keep your business fresh in her mind. Customers are also sure to greatly appreciate your efforts to lower your company’s carbon footprint.


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