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The Benefits of e-learning

e-learning offers a range of benefits, which explain the success it has received thus far. Firstly, it allows students to log on and complete their studies anywhere in the world and at any time, with no restrictions. Distance learning is no longer governed by time zones or general office hours. Similarly, business training does not need to be scheduled for a specific time of day. The employee can complete modules as and when they have a quiet moment at work.

e-learning is not only convenient to students and employees, it is cost effective to establishments. Using an e learning management system reduces the costs of teaching or training, printing, resources and travel, and allows organisations to increase productivity, while keeping their pupils and employees happy. It also saves a lot of time, which is something that you cannot put a price on.

The use of an e learning management system also makes the process of assessing progress much faster and simpler. A well-implemented e learning management system will track the progress of learners or trainees. The use of devices for professional training also allows much more precise Human Resource administration, often updating an individual’s files automatically.

Finally, online learning appeals to a wide audience because, let’s face it, the process of learning can be rather intimidating. For instance, those attempting to acquire a new language may find it uncomfortable being part of a large study group. The opportunity to learn discreetly in the comfort of one’s own home or library and at a suitable pace is often the deciding factor when considering a face-to-face class or an online course. Likewise, individual learning can be a huge benefit to employers, as it means that they can ensure shifts and telephone lines are appropriately covered at all times.

The Development of e-learning Platforms

A range of platforms have been developed over the years to take advantage of the benefits of e-learning. One e learning management system, formed by technology and education lovers, is Appdopt ( This product helps to position e-learning products in the market, using the correct language and delivery means. The creators of Appdopt saw a common trend in the marketplace and produced Appdopt, a software solution which “helps organisations drive their technology and bridge digital skills gaps”.

Though the implementation of e-learning tools can be costly, it’s clear that the benefits outweigh the cost. When you consider that e-learning takes between 40-60% less of employees’ time and that e-learners gain five times more material in no more time, it isn’t hard to see why e-learning is such a success. Many businesses are now realising that they cannot afford not to invest in e-learning.

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