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Tomes and tomes of empty notebooks and pads, coloured pens and felt-tip markers, fluorescent markers, desk organizers, stainless steel clamps, and roller refills, to some of us stationery is no less essential in college than attending the lectures. Let’s introduce the college’s favourite customizable stationery must-haves.

Laptop sleeve

While at first you may not think much about your laptop case, as the time goes by, you want it protected from dirt and scratches. As one year follows the other, your computer becomes your second best friend, and you want to ensure it’s treated with love. If you don’t like laptop backpacks and your shoulder is already burdened with your college bag, a simple yet soft and beautiful laptop sleeve that can be carried under an arm is all you need. It’s less bulky than a standard laptop satchel, and can easily fit into a larger travel bag.

Notepads galore

If you’re having a hard time organizing your thoughts, you may consider having a notepad on your desk where you can jot down all the thoughts right when they fly out. Even if the surge of incoming thoughts distracts you, when you think of something you really need to do, you can write it down for the future. But why stop here. The inspiration strikes when you expect the least, so why not have a different style of notepad in every room, even kitchen and bathroom, where you can conveniently fix one at the wall or in the doorway.

Copious file folder

Your time in college is to be marked with an endless stream of handouts, sheets, infographics, excerpts, and digests, so the only way to remain completely sane and find the right piece of paper when you need it is to invest in a large file folder make sure you get a bunch of plastic files which you can label for different classes and majors, so you can easily swap their places as the priorities shift, or remove them entirely for deep storage, once the course ends. You can check out Winc stationery online to get a clearer picture of different file folders so you can choose the one that suits you the best.

A pouch-full of pencils

No one says the school isn’t hard, but it gets much easier if you have your favourite pencil that has seen you through so many demanding exams and kept you company while you took notes on so many uninspiring lectures. But how to make sure that it’s with you every time you need it? They come in many sizes, shapes, materials, and colours, but their purpose is the same – keeping your writing utensils together. Pencil cases today have become small testaments of pop art and consumerist individualism, but hey remain the simplest and most elegant way of safekeeping small stationery.

Versatile padfolio

Definitely the writer’s favourite of the list. And if you like making lists, nothing comes as handy than a small A5-sized leather-bound padfolio. During your day at college it can serve as an organizer, wallet, planner, storage, and a friend. A step up from the mere pencil pouch, a genuine leather or PVC padfolio can hold a few select pens, your USB stick, while some higher end ones, have even got slots for earphones, charging cables, up to a dedicated padded sleeve for your large phablet or tablet.

Conversation scissors

While this entry speaks for itself, having an interesting pair of scissors and a stapler grants you more power, they look nice and they’re an easy conversation piece. The best strategy is to keep one pair at home, in your pencil mug and the other in your pencil pouch so they travel wherever you go.

Many people simply love their writing tools and utilities organized. By keeping your desk area neat and well supplied, you can focus better to productivity and learning, while by making those essentials beautiful, you can even add some interest to your work station.



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