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With the wave of digital marketing techniques that have taken over the advertising world, many consider that print promotion is dead. However, this is not true. While it can easily be seen that the world has gone overwhelmingly digital over the last few decades, there are some things for which we still have to depend of time-tested methods. This is the significance that print marketing still hold in the world of advertising. This statement holds true for any kind of business and the tech industry is one of the best examples. Here are some benefits of making use of print promotional tools for your technology business:

A Personal Touch

Although the effectiveness of print marketing cannot be denied, it is true that it has been replaced by digital ads in several forums. However, this is exactly why it can be used to your advantage. Print ads can be made to stand out as they are not as widely used as they used to be once upon a time. In a world where most businesses interact with their potential customers virtually, your physical print ad might act like a welcome break from digitally circulated ads.

Social Media through Print

When you hear the phrase social media, the first thing that comes to your mind is probably Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. However, these are examples of digital social media. In fact, the idea of networking has been around for a much longer time. If you think carefully, you might be able to draw parallels. For example, take the example of circulating business cards. What is it if not widening your network through a social medium? Therefore, if used properly, printed goods can be effectively used to widen your customer base and attract more clients.

The Use of QR Codes

The problem with many business owners is that when they think of marketing, they think of print versus digital advertising. However, this doesn’t have to be this way. Print and digital platforms must not be put against each other but made to work together for more effective results. One way to do this is through the use of QR codes. You can print QR codes on your flyer and brochures and help the customer to directly connect with your website directly.

Not Just Paper

The moment you hear “print” the first thing that probably comes to your mind is promotional items printed on paper. However, with the use of new technologies, Hot Prints USA can now print on various other objects than paper. For example, you can get your brand name and logo printed on promotional gifts like coaster sets, glasses, caps etc. and distributes them among your clients and customers. This item doesn’t even have to be something that your customer uses for a long time. You can get printed envelopes or even a display banner to be placed on the stage at a technology convention etc.

Lastly, it is easy to reach your target market with printed advertisements. Instead of designing a digital ad that will be seen by everyone you can have flyers distributed at a tech convention.


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