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The name, technology, comes from a combination of two words, which are techne and logos. The word techne in Greek has the meaning of skill, while logos means science. In sum, technology means the study of skills. Usually, the term technology is related to knowledge related to tools or machines. That tools are created to make it easier for humans to solve various kinds of problems or jobs in the world. The development of technology that so fast gives a significant influence on human life. Technology cause changes in different sectors of life, such as education, health, business, and even security. Here we will discuss some of the technological developments that are visible in our environment.

1.Communication technology.

Communication technology can be interpreted as a device that allows each to send each other or receive information or data to other people. The development of this communication technology is characterized by the existence of mobile devices that initially use analog signals that continue to develop and change using digital signals. Some examples included in communication technology are cell phones, fax, telegram, e-mail, and other chat applications.

2.Information technology.

Usually called IT or IT is a technology that helps you in providing various information in a fast time. IT has been around for a long time, such as whistle used to convey information. However, along with the development, the pipe has been replaced by technology. That is more modern but does not eliminate the value of previous technology. The examples of the latest information technology are television, radio, computers, notebooks and so on.

3.Transportation technology.

Transportation technology is related to transportation tools that help you to travel to the destination in a short time. The development of transportation began with the use of animal power, such as horses and cow. People use animals until the creation of technology that was operated by machines whose function was also the same as the previous technology.

4.Medical technology.

Medical technology itself is related to the medical world, where medical technology is developed by utilizing computer technology. The development of technology in the medical world is widely used to help doctors diagnose diseases suffered by patients. Medical technology also assists in conducting research. Some examples of forms of medical technology are CT scans, microscopes, and various other surgical tools.

That is a discussion about the benefits of technology and the kinds of technologies that are developing now. By using technology from time to time, you can understand the benefits of it and be able to use technology as well as possible.


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