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The development of technology makes it more manageable for us to do all kinds of work, as well as transportation, the Internet, and many more. This time we will discuss the types of modern technologies that we often use every day.

1. Calculator.

A calculator is a tool used to obtain information on the calculation of numbers. This tool makes it easy for you to calculate the sum, multiplication, and division.

2. Computer.

Computers are tools in the form of hardware and software that are used to help humans process data into a file and store it for display at other times. Computer-generated information can be in the form of writing, images, sound, video, and animation.

3. Laptop / Notebook

Laptop / Notebook is a device whose function is the same as a computer.  Laptop/notebook is a more practical form and can be folded and carried to where you go.  It uses the help of a charger battery so that you can use it without connecting to electricity.

4. The vehicle, such as the ship, airplane, helicopter.

Ships are passenger and goods transport vehicles on the sea (river, etc.) as well as smaller canoes or boats. An airplane or aircraft is a machine or any vehicle capable of flying in the atmosphere or air. A helicopter is an aircraft that lifts and is pushed by one or more large horizontal propellers. Helicopters are classified as wing-spinning aircraft to distinguish them from other ordinary wing-fixed aircraft.

5. Radio

Radio is electronic equipment that is used to convey information in the form of sound from the transmitter station through a predetermined frequency. In communication, three components support the transmitter system, sound source, and transmitter antenna.

6. The land vehicle, such as Motorcycle, car, and trains.

First, the motorcycle, is a two-wheeled vehicle consisting of a frame, wheels, fuel tank, steering wheel or steering wheel and driven by a machine. Second, the cars are land vehicles driven by engine power, wheeled four or more (always even), usually using fuel. Third, the train is a form of rail transportation that consists of a series of vehicles driven along the railroad lines to transport cargo or people.

7. Flash disk.

Flash disk is a data storage media in the form of Universal Serial Bus/USB but can store large amounts of data. Usually, you use it to store data from a computer.

8. Television

Television is a piece of technology equipment that is used to convey information in the form. The TV uses an electronic system that can receive messages or signals in the form of images and sounds through waves. Types of televisions differentiated into digital and analog type. Digital TV is a technology that is applied to television broadcast signals or television types that use digital modulation and compression systems.  It can use to broadcast video, audio, and data signals to television sets.


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