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The Top 3 Gadgets, Apps and Innovations Required For International Travel

According to recent statistics, growth in the U.S. and UK international travel markets is continuing to rise. The American market sustained steady growth of 1%, which while not being as impressive as the rate of expansion in Canada or South America reflected consistent progress after a year of economic and political turmoil.

World travel is also an increasingly diverse past-time, as travellers are now able to access a host of far-flung and exotic destinations. This is particularly true for experienced and seasoned adventurers, who are constantly looking for new locations that are able to offer them excitement and an opportunity to sample genuinely unique life experiences.

The Top 3 Gadgets, Apps and Innovations Required For International Travel

3 Gadgets that you need for your Next International Adventure

While travelling abroad may be more accessible and affordable, however, packing for your journey remains a difficult and time consuming challenge. It is crucial that you conduct thorough research and pack the right accessories for your trip, especially if you intend to visit less well-developed economies or nations that are home to potentially dangerous species of wildlife. Consider the following 3 gadgets and why you will need them for your next international adventure: –

A Universal Travel Adapter Set

With the pressures of a hectic work schedule and active lifestyle taking their toll, it is important to keep in touch with people while you are away. There is little point in taking your mobile device, tablet or laptop abroad if it cannot be operated, however, and it is important to remember that countries in continental Europe, North America and South Africa all operate alternative power systems to the UK. This is why you must pack a functional travel adapter set, which is portable and compatible with your destination of choice. Some suppliers such as Energenie even sell universal power products, which can be used in over 150 countries and across a total of 6 different continents.

Private Wifi

While this may technically be classed as a private service rather than a gadget, it is an investment that can deliver genuine value for regular travellers. While free WiFi may be readily accessible in numerous shopping centres and Starbucks’ throughout the world, for example, this can cost you a great deal in data roaming charges while also posing a considerable security risk. Private WiFi negates these issues, however, as it is a monthly subscription service which serves as an independent network. It subsequently enables you to sign in and surf the Web from any destination, while also masking location data to guarantee your online security. This service only costs an estimated six pounds each month, while it can also be used for free on a three-day trial basis initially.

Download the TripIt Pro Application

If you are an iPhone user, you may well have come across the excellent Passbook feature. If you are familiar with this and have enjoyed using it, you are likely to access similar benefits by using the versatile TripIt Pro application, which provides a simple platform from which you can organise all of your travel arrangements in a single online space. All you are required to do is forward booking confirmation emails and details to [email protected], and once received the application will utilise an advanced software program to do the rest. This is a particularly useful tool for individuals who are planning trips to multiple destinations, as it is relatively easy to use and issues real-time updates concerning flight delays and gate changes.

The Last Word

As the global economic recovery continues to gather momentum, there is little doubt that the international travel market is beginning to feel the benefits. If you are planning an international trip, however, it is crucial that you thoroughly research your intended destination and utilise innovative tools and gadgets that can help to optimise the experience.


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