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Blogging is a very significant tool for bloggers and getting your blog among the top listed blog is even of greater significance. There are various web directories which can help you enhancing the viewers of your blog or sites. All you have to do is submit your blog address or site to these directories and in return they assist you in increasing the rank of your page. When you submit your blog in directory it marks your blog and when a user searches for the particular keyword then it displays your blog or site if the keyword has any resemblance with your blog. It brings in a number of viewers and thus your page ranking automatically boosts up.

How Blogging helps in Page Ranking Structure

Blogging is increasing day by day and these are coming up on a daily basis which is creating a state of competition among bloggers. Every blogger is in rush to get his blog among the top searched or viewed. But the problem is that how to carry the blog into highest ranked page or blog. For this, number of directories have came up which can assist you, so you have to choose a good one among them to gain the maximum. These directories provide you with a number of steps starting from blog registry to blog ranking enhancement. All you have to do is to create your blog dynamic i.e. keep updating the contents of your blog so as to mesmerise the visitors with your excellent writing skills. You can also link up your blog with other blogs as to have an extra advantage to your blogging. There are some directories such as Creativityden Blog that can get your blog top listed. It will give a required exposure to your blog.

Write to us: Bloggers Aiding Advantage

Today there are many websites that have ‘write to us’ page in them. These websites provides an opportunity to users to write comments on the certain stuffs by logging in as guests. The bloggers can get hold of this benefit by submitting write-ups with a link to their original blog. This write up is usually visible to the users. This will lead to increase in the number of viewers to their blog thus increasing traffic to their blogs. Guest posting service offered by the websites is one of the SEO tools which can be used optimally by the bloggers to get their page ranking enhanced. It will certainly lead to a group of networking among the users creating a viral fever among the users about that article. It will certainly boost up the probability of natural back links. The write up by the blogger will create a sensation among the users about that blogger and his/her blog.


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