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Car accidents can shake your world, however do you know what to do when you suffer from a car accident in Boston in Massachusetts?

Jeff Glassman is a reputed lawyer known for his expertise in car accidents and personal injury. He says that when you face a car accident in the region, the following  are some steps that you must abide to-

  1. The team at the Jeff Glassman MA office claims that when you are faced with a car accident, you should not panic. The law of the land says that you should stop and exchange information with other parties involved in the accident even though it was not your fault. In fact, he says that you will face serious criminal charges if you do not stop after an accident where damage to property or injury has been done.
  1. The second step is to report the crash to the law enforcement authorities. Once this is done ensure that a police report is created. If the car accident results in death or injury you are bound under law to report the matter to the local police. You should also make a report with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles.
  1. If you have been involved in the accident, it is important for you to be examined by the medical professionals that arrive at the scene after the accident. Generally the nature of the injuries that you might see on the neck, head or the back might not be so apparent. However, it takes weeks to present themselves at times. This is why you should be careful and alert.
  1. The next step that you should undertake is to exchange information with all the parties that had been involved in the accident. This information will include contact information, license number, license plate number and car insurance. Note that when you exchanging such information you should not make any kind of false statements to the law enforcement authorities or any insurance representatives on spot.
  1. Stay safe when you are on the scene. Often it has been observed that many secondary accidents also take place when the motorists fail to take the appropriate safety measures and other precautions in the wake of an accident. It is important for you to use four flashes whenever possible. You should also use flares if you have them with you. Those people who are able to make themselves out to safety should do so.
  1. You should cooperate with all officers of law enforcement agencies. It has been seen that different people tend to react in different ways to different stressful situations. T is prudent for you to avoid talking to those that have been directly involved in the crash. However, always pay attention to what the other parties to the accident have to say.

The experts at the Jeff Glassman MA office say that all the accident information should be documented and the insurance company notified. Once this is done, an attorney should be contacted and the case taken in his or her hands!


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