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Tips For Deciding What Sector Of Law To Go Into

As a law student enters the legal profession, he or she is faced with the difficult question of which sector to enter. While a law student may dream of being a high-powered national defense official, the reality is that he or she may not immediately be able to secure a position in national security law. Instead, a law student may see that personal injury law firms have a demand for attorneys and that employment is relatively easy to secure in this type of law firm. The law student may decide that this is the better option for the short-term period. Here are some additional tips that law students can consider for finding the right sector to enter.

1. Gain Experience during Law School to Assess your Likes and Dislikes

Gaining experience during law school can be a great way to see whether you prefer being in a “corporate law” environment or non-profit type of environment. Legal Aid Service organizations frequently hire law students and can provide a great internship opportunity during law school. A law student may gain an appreciation for serving low-income populations by interning at a Legal Aid organization.

2. Be Open to Entering Any Field of Law Upon Graduation

This may seem counter-intuitive, but a law student should be open to entering any field of law after graduation. The current reality of the legal market is that not every law student can immediately enter his or her dream job.

Tips For Deciding What Sector Of Law To Go Into

3. Assess your Personality Type

Determine whether you have an “offensive” or “defensive” personality. If you are the type of person who tends to “attack” a situation, then you may be a plaintiff’s attorney and make a great personal injury lawyer or prosecutor. If you tend to be laid back and analyze situations more in-depth, you may make a great criminal defense attorney or insurance defense lawyer.

4. Determine which Areas of Law have a Great Demand in the Marketplace

Areas of law like personal injury law frequently have a great demand for young attorneys. A recent graduate seeking a job should consider the demands of the marketplace in determining which type of job to secure.

5. Assess your Ultimate Career Goals

Ultimately, a law student should also consider his or her long-term career goals. If a law student dreams of someday becoming a law professor, then he or she can view any legal experience as relevant in moving toward this goal. On the other hand, a law student with a strong interest in criminal defense work may want to make sure he or she secures a position at a criminal defense firm or the public defender’s office.

By considering these tips, a law student can carefully assess his or her options upon graduation from law school. Finding the right area of law to practice can be tricky without any framework to consider. With these factors, a law student may have an easier time in choosing an area of law to practice.

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