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We’ve all been there. You’ve worked a long day at the office, and you had plans to meet your friends for a few drinks after work. You pack up your things, walk out of the building, and go to grab your phone to call your buddies to see where they want to meet. Only one problem: your phone is dead.

We’ve all been there, and it’s a seriously unfortunate scenario to be without a charged phone. While having a dead phone might lead to something as harmless as a missed call from your aunt, it could also mean you don’t get the call from that dream job that wants to set up an interview. If you’ve ever experienced that sort of dilemma, check out these tips on how to get the best battery life for your Android.

There’s An App for That

There actually is an app that was recently released that helps extend your Android’s battery life. Snapdragon BatteryGuru is no doubt the best battery saver app for Android, and it has been proven to dramatically extend your Android’s battery life.

After installing BatteryGuru, the app spends a few days learning the user’s behavior, and then sends a notification that it is ready to extend the battery. BatteryGuru takes note of what you do on your phone and when, and then operates to optimize your device’s performance. Basically, you’ll never have to do anything after you install BatteryGuru, and it will extend your battery life without any user input.

The app has a great rating on the app store, as it has helped thousands of people optimize their Androids for better battery performance. With a simple download, you can have better battery life without making any adjustments, which is why Snapdragon BatteryGuru is a great install for anyone with an Android.

Just Dim It

One of the simplest ways to get a seriously extended battery life is to just simply dim your phone. Keeping your phone on the brightest setting will drain the battery like no other, and even reducing the brightness by 25% can help you with your battery life.

There really is no reason to have full brightness on your Android, as there is not an entirely noticeable difference if you dim it by 25% or so. It could potentially save hours of battery life, too!

Delete Your Unused Apps

It might be surprising for you to learn, but even the apps that you don’t use on your Android are eating up your battery. These apps connect to the Internet on a constant basis and update themselves, which drains your battery dramatically. Chances are there are some apps that you haven’t used in months and will probably never use again, so just give them the axe.

As a rule of thumb, try to keep a certain number of apps on your phone at any given time. The more apps you have, the faster you will drain battery. Avoid downloading apps that constantly update, as these drain battery quickly.

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