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The word ‘Manager’ means someone who manages. The position of a manager is very lucrative because it offers recognition and reputation to its holder. There are people who take years to reach the post of a manager whereas some get it easily.  All this depends upon the qualities that you have and your dedication towards work. There are some qualities that make a manager the best friend of his subordinates. According to employees there are few qualities that they want their manager to possess. Some of the qualities of a manager from the employee’s perspective are tagged below.

Must be courageous

Every employee wants his/ her manager to be courageous enough to handle difficult and tough situations. You have to be fearless in order to become a successful manager.

Must not hold employees on small stuffs

You must not shout or scold your employees for small things or issues. This will bring a thin line of difference in you, your employees and subordinates. Instead you should make use of soft words.

Must know difference between dumping and delegation

As a manager you must always delegate the authorities and responsibilities to your employees. This will help you to let the employees carry out some special activities easily.

Must be compassionate

You must be compassionate with your employees and subordinates so that they do not feel alone. You must empathize and make them realize that you are always with them in any and every situation.

Must not blame employees for losses

You must not blame any of your employees or subordinate completely because of the losses that the business face. You must always support your employees so that they can overcome the situation.

Must never use the word “I don’t know”

As a manager you must delete the word “I don’t know” from your stock of words. Being a manager you should have the skill to reply any and every question if not instantly then by taking some time.

Must have a clue

As a manager you should always keep your eyes and ears open. This will help you to get a clue what’s going around in the organization and prepare yourself accordingly.

Must have common sense

The common sense is a must for any and every manager irrespective of the type of business. The common sense will help you realize and handle situations and issues in an effective way.

Must be genuine

As a manger you should always be loyal and genuine in your field of work. You must deliver news and facts in their original form without tampering them. This will help you to maintain a healthy relation with the employees.

Must have awesome communication skills

A manager should have a fluent communication skill by which he can communicate your thoughts and vies easily. He must be clear with whatever he says and whatever he wants your employees to do.

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