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Top 5 Famous Celebrity WebsitesFor someone to become a celebrity, extensive advertising and media popularity is essential. An excellent way of getting people’s attention is building your own web page using a great website maker such as If you are a musician, actor, politician or sports person, you can learn plenty about being famous from these top celebrity websites:

1.      Armin van Buuren

According to stats, this is the most popular celebrity website. In his website, Armin presents himself using a simple design with captivating backgrounds. He combines black and white, with a few tones of blue to achieve an amazing effect. An interesting fact about the site is that it has a menu on the home page that directs you to anything you want to know about him.

2.      Avril Lavigne

To achieve a feeling of mystery in her website, the multi-million record seller, rock star uses a black and violet backdrop. The site has an impressive header and a cool picture of Avril. It incorporates other small images such as head skeleton to bring out the rock personality. The home page has a news section, which provides latest news about her.

3.      Beyonce

The former Destiny’s Child star has the third most famous website in the line of celebrities. It uses an appealing backdrop of grey with a few shades of white, black and yellow. The most distinctive feature of this website is that she has optimized it for several languages. This means the site is available in multi-lingual versions for her fans who do not speak English.

4.      Britney Spears

Britney is among the most controversial popstars of our times. Her website captures this element by using descriptive titles and controversial posts. The site is set on a blue backdrop that instantly reminds people of Twitter. She uses purple, pink and white to add more color to the home page. She also has plenty of photos on the home page.

5.      Christina Aguilera

The “I am Beautiful” star closes the top five of the list of celebrities with famous websites. Anyone who has been to her site utters the expression “wow” each time he or she thinks of the site. The current background of her website displays a futuristic look that is amazing to look at. She has a radio, which she promotes on a section of her website. The best thing about the site is that it keeps changing its appearance to keep things interesting.

If you think you deserve to be a celebrity, you should definitely check out these great sites and get some ideas of how create a website that will attract as much attention as possible. However, try to be unique so that your fans will not confuse your site with that of someone else. It does not matter whether you use a professional website designer or do it yourself using a free tool; the result is the same. The only difference is that you will part with some cash if you opt for a professional. Much of the success of your website depends on what you do after designing the website.


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