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Whether you’re a solo-preneur or running a large operation, essential software programs help you run your business more smoothly. The number of software programs to choose from is mind-boggling, making it difficult to know where to begin. While it’s important for you to assess your business needs in order to determine the software that’s best for you, these options can provide you with essential help in running various aspects of your business.


Even if you’re running a one-person operation, accounting software is probably the one type of business software you don’t want to do without. Accounting software can help you keep track of sales, logbook loans, expenses, and payments to and from vendors, customers and clients, as well as help with payroll.

Office Backup

You’ll never have to lose another night’s sleep worrying over the possibility of losing important information when you have an office backup system that does the work for you. In addition to saving your work, office backup software can also help keep your computers virus-free.

Sales and Inventory

If your business sells anything…products or services…software to help you track your sales and inventory is essential. The data collected as you input sales and inventory helps you know when you need to add something to your stock. It also helps you see what items are selling best and which are your poorest sellers. This information is vital to ensuring you’re not wasting money on product or services that are dead in the water.

Shopping Cart

Nowadays most retail businesses also have websites. If you have a website to promote your business and sell some items too, it’s important to have a shopping cart that functions at all times and helps you keep track or sales, customer information and inventory. Shopping cart software can offer you a few more bells and whistles than you might find on internet shopping carts.


CRM, or customer relationship management) helps you keep track of your customers and the dealings you have with them. In addition to collecting customer contact information, purchases made and product preferences, CRM helps you identify what’s selling well as well as which customers require follow-up for the next sale.

Utilizing software programs can save you time and money as well as prevent critical errors from occurring in your business. Too many software programs can be overwhelming. By choosing programs that are both efficient and effective for you, you can continue to build your business without having to worry about taking care of every little task.


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