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The internet has revolutionized the way companies advertise, meet and interact with their customers. The websites have become the face of the companies and provide a direct platform between a company and a customer. Therefore, it is very important that this face of the company always remains in the good books of the clients so that he may refer it to others. The person who is responsible in maintaining and dealing with the issues related to a website is called the webmaster.

In the recent years, the job description of a webmaster has undergone massive changes due to the increase in the dependency on the websites as platforms to interact and confront issues. A webmaster does not have a particular role to play but he may have to adapt to various roles depending upon his organization. Nevertheless, a webmaster must monitor the website, its functions, its problems and that the website provides a great online experience to the clients. Here are some elements that are basic to the webmaster job description:

1. Data collected from various webmaster forums indicate that the number one duty of any webmaster is to maintain and manage the advertisement section of a website. Since advertisements are important for any business, a webmaster must maintain an account of the advertising companies which have a business relationship with his organization. He must maintain these ads and define parameters for these advertising companies.

2. A webmaster’s top priority should be deal with issues that hamper the performance of his website. This is especially for an e-commerce website which has to retain its customers for further business. Therefore, it is the duty of the webmaster to debug any issues that relate to the performance of the website.

3. A downtime is the last thing that a website wishes to happen. Any problems arising due to hardware issues or other aspects related to the hosting company or the provider of the email service can hamper the growth of the website. Therefore, webmasters have the job to maintain a healthy liaison with these IT partners so that all issues are dealt on time and downtime is avoided.

4. Trouble shooting forms yet another important element of any webmaster’s job description. Problems arising in areas like content, order flows, links, registration flows or transaction logs need to be immediately sorted out. The webmasters can either make the necessary corrections or delegate the job to a subordinate.

5. All webmaster forums indicate that the job of a webmaster is not complete with only dealing with problems and issues but it also entails analyzing the statistics and performance of a website. It is the job of the webmaster to plan future changes for the website so that it is in league with the other websites on the internet.


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