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Top 7 Reasons To Buy Vanity Telephone Number

Top 7 Reasons To Buy Vanity Telephone NumberIt is said that companies that use 800 numbers (vanity numbers) as part of their marketing and advertising tools increases customer response rate by 25-50%. Vanity numbers are kind of alphanumeric numbers that are easy-to-remember as compared with conventional numeric numbers. If your business involves direct contact with customers then it is a pre-requisite to give an easy-to-recall telephone number identity to your business. Moreover, this is just the beginning of the benefits you’ll enjoy when you sign on with 800 responses. Substantial benefits of using a vanity number are much more, some of them include:

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Having a 800 telephone number can improve your customer services and satisfaction by allowing you to simply take calls. A telephone number makes it easier for your potential customers to reach you and get their questions answered. They will be able to call you whenever required. Hence, the easier and convenient you make it for your potential customers to reach you, the more likely they are to remain your customer.

Make your Business Look more Professional

Vanity numbers are great for businesses, regardless of their types and sizes. In fact, having ‘800’ number is a pre-requisite marketing tool, especially for start-ups. An alphanumeric vanity number gives your business credibility and boosts your company’s image. You could be running a business from your home and no one would know.

Enhanced Leads

In business sense, developing healthy business relations with your client’s as well customers is half battle won. Customer’s contacting you through telephone number will allow you to make a lasting impression on them on contrary to one-way communication tools such as contact forms.

Simple and Unforgettable

Months after a campaign has ended, advertisers report that the phones are still ringing. This could be possible because your customers remembered your telephone number. Therefore having a number that is relatable and easy to recall is crucial for almost every business that wants to survive today’s cutthroat competition.


With 800 vanity number, location doesn’t’ matter. Even if you have to relocate your business, you can still use the same vanity number and your customers won’t even know. Your customers can still reach you at your vanity number, irrespective of where you are located; by simply forwarding your calls at your personal mobile phone or any other telephone number for that matter! Did you know that once you purchase a vanity number it is your forever? Even if you change the provider in future, you can take the number with you. Nevertheless, if you are not willing to purchase a new vanity number you can also lease a number of your choice. You will easily find many provider online offering vanity numbers on lease.

Return on Investment

Did you know that a vanity number could help you track your marketing efforts? Yes, for all the efforts you make advertising your business, you receive substantial results in the form the number of calls you receive from your potential customers. For example, you have a print ad of your product displayed in public place and a passerby wants to buy it, having a number written on the ad will help the person to contact you right then.

Effective Marketing Tool

Vanity number allows you to create extensions, which can then be utilized for different campaigns, for example, one number extension for print media, one for the website etc. This way your vanity number acts as an effective marketing tool, improving your prospects of sales revenues and return on investment.

If you know of more benefits related to vanity numbers, share them with us in the comment section. This will help entrepreneur make an intuitive decision when contemplating on purchasing a telephone number for their business.


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