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The present world has witnessed a great IT revolution in the past four decades. It has more impact on the common people than the industrial revolution of the last century. The advent of internet has created a bog boom in our life. It has formed an integral part of the ever growing IT industry. Thanks to the rise of social media which has resulted a massive and unprecedented growth in the world trade. Several social networking firms like Face book, Twitter have mushroomed in the recent years to build new relationship among the large community. In spite of these recent developments, still many people use the conventional email services like Gmail. Yahoo, Hotmail and so on and communicate themselves with friends and relatives. Majority of the corporate still use these services for their business communications. It is interesting to see the arrival of a unique service that offers the people search option. Started as a SEO company, the has grown phenomenally in the recent times. Its people search programs are the real USP for its fast growing reputation it has gained in a short time. – A Boon To Multi Account Holders Of Social Networks

In this fast age it is extremely difficult for the regular bloggers and business communities to manage more social networks. May be their initial enthusiasm could be reasons to become members in such social networks. It is hard to manage these connectivity’s as the days progress resulting poor or no involvement. In the bargain they miss several fortunes of getting new relationship and even new business contacts. The website is a boon to such individuals who find hard to manage various social net works.

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The well known American based is not a mere website like others. It forms a very unique platform by integrating all the prime social media profiles in a single window. It combines all the email accounts as well. Being an account holder of the reputed, one can operate the other entire social and email accounts with an ease from one location. Is it not a boon to all of us? This awesome feeling of the millions has made the phenomenal growth of in the recent times. Moreover it offers the people to have a hassle free operation and avoid the usual rituals of logging and entering the user names and passwords of many websites. MyLife works in the similar way as Google works in searching the information. Instead of information MyLife search people as required by the account users.

The uniqueness of the lies in its popular people search tool, which got the company a great reputation. Today the firm has a pride of having over seven hundred million profiles in its website and offer fabulous service to all of them. The company also runs some affiliation programs for few paid subscribers. The people search options are offered at no cost and probably it is this unique feature seems to be responsible for the massive growth of the company. In fact one can summarize that My Life is another visual thesaurus of the people of this planet earth.

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