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5 Android & IOS Apps and Become A Professional Photographer!

Photos! Each one of us loves to leave something out of a perfect moment we experience. Thus, we collect photos on special occasions, travels, and even just any day we want.

Our smartphones are always on the go for taking pictures and we always want to make sure that every photo taken will have not just a good, but excellent look. Though an almost perfect photo image may be achieved using an SLR gadget. However, what we have usually in hand is our smartphones. Because of that, photo applications are now on the edge. And, sometimes, using these apps feels like being a professional photographer.

5 Android & IOS Apps and Become A Professional Photographer!

Here are the widely hand-picked top five apps for IOS and Androids smartphones.

5. Camera+ 4

Camera+ has been a choice for many users. An application that has all-in-one beginner’s basic needs that combine camera and editor. And, with the continuous updated comes in the Camera+ 4! What’s special about this version?

  • a better modern look that matches the IOS surface.
  • of course, its features! (a) easy focus shooting locks (b) adjust on the brightness before clicking on the shot button (c) developers have added a new social media platforms linked to it for easy social sharing

4. Photo Editor by Aviary App

Photo Editor by Aviary app is on the top list when it comes to designing your photos to make it look awesome. From frames to sticker packs, you will get whatever you need to beautiful your every shot!

Since a lot of users have been using this exciting app, an updated version have been released on September 30, 2013. A better look and what’s really good about it? Supply Shop! An easy access in buying cool frames and designs. Plus, Photo Editor by Aviary App is already available in various language for easy global access.

3. Color Splurge

In photography, at times there is a need for you to express colors. But, not all the colors. Color Splurge does definitely what you wanted to see. It’s everything you need to color your photo.

Broadly saying, the greatest advantage of this is that there is no need for one to be artistic. This app does it!

2. Photosynth

Although Photosynth is not new, released last 2008. It’s tagged as an incredible Panorama app for smartphones. Like any other panorama apps, it does the side to side long tail photo shoot. But, what makes it incredible? It does the 3D 360 degree landscape panorama shot.

What’s the Catch?!

Think of it! How would you like to take a 3D picture of your surrounding? Yes, Photosynth does this trick. It’s a very fantastic twist of creating a 3D photo of your environment. Having fun taking shots with your family and friends.

1. VSCO Cam

VSCO Cam is the recently very, very, very famous app for mobile photography. You will definitely feel an SLR taken photo using this.  An enhanced editing tools, enables adjust speed and precision that really makes each photos taken a magnificent one!

This application is widely recommended for travellers, and aspiring photographers.

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Aleyah is a self-taught professional photographer and also a filmmaker. She also does part-time teaching in photography. And, publishes tips on http://www.essaywriter.co.uk/services.aspx


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