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Here is the new project by Kickstarter called vivax! It is a laptop case that is super strong, waterproof, floating and able to absorb blows. The idea is to allow the user to carry the laptop from point A to point B while keeping it constantly dry and safe no matter if it needs to pass through the network of public services of a big city or the Amazon rainforest. You can take one of the latest laptops from Tesco and put it inside the vivax case and travel all over the world without even thinking of your laptop. The Kickstarter has been successful obtaining more than double the amount of funds required initially.


If we stop to look at it from the outside, the shell of vivax is strongly utilitarian. Everything is protected and rounded to avoid trouble of any kind. The surface is slightly satin and the material is of military type. A polymer that is also used for motorcycle helmets. To say that this shell is “shockproof” does not do it justice. It is virtually indestructible and resistant to crushing. You can go on without worrying about your too expensive PC inside.

Vivax is lined with a soft layer of a material called Poron designed to withstand the shocks. Despite the vivax being one size, it can accommodate laptops ranging from 12″ to 18″: the internal retention system is patented and secret at the time but is able to ensure the safety of the ultrabook without fear.

Approximately € 69 will allow you to get your hands on a vivax orange or a more sober black. There is also a transport system with double strap backpack style if you are willing to pay for a premium. The developers have also proposed some limited editions of the product, an operation typical in Kickstarter’s style. If you want a vivax carbon fiber or Kevlar now is precisely the time to act my dear James Bond Dell in the grass.


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