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The WAMP stands for web developed program which is useful for the designing of a web application with the help of PHP and database as well as MySQL. The user can download the package of the same from the WAMP server. As far as Windows 10 is concerned, one can download the link from Google and click on the installation to install the same. But there are people who don’t know the process of using it on Windows 10.

For such people here are provided a few steps that can help to know how to use WAMP in Windows 10.

WAMP for Windows 10: Installation

The best feature of installation of this software is the support it offers for towards managing the database irrespective of its size. The software is a package that has a different icon and settings to use it in line with the server.

It is easy to use software and yet tremendously effective. One may need to configure the same before using. There are a number of functions that can help the user managing different data as well as the requirements. For the user of cloud hosting also this software is much helpful. In a nutshell, one can say that it is much useful for various web designing.

Check the Compatibility:

Before download and installation, one must check the compatibility of the same with Windows 10. Yes, it is very much compatible, and hence the user simply needs to click the download button. Once it is downloaded, just initiate the process of installation. The WAMP offers the user access to different files, and one can work on them directly. The best feature is one does not need to download or upload the file on the internet. Hence a lot of time can be saved on the user’s side.

With the help of WAMP, one can turn the computer into a server and hence it can work as a personal web server. Though technically there is no issue with the compatibility of WAMP with Windows 10. In the case of any issue, the user can try to uninstall the package and reinstall the same. Once it is reinstalled, just reboot the system so that necessary files can be activated. There are also many sites on the internet from where one can know the step to step process of installation which can make the task easier.

Usually, there are issues with the installation only as some of the files may not have been activated or there is any trouble with the download of the package. Thence one can also check with the option of repair the files to avoid unnecessary uninstallation and reinstallation process as well as rebooting the system. One must follow all the steps guided by the system to install the WAMP software. However, in case the installation does not take place and still if there is any issue and software does not work, just call an expert to your help.


how to use WAMP in Windows 10.

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