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The most updated version of Internet Explorer Mobile is integrated for web browsing, which is sadly not the first and best option available. According to some users, the whole experience in IE is inferior to that from using other competitors, such as Opera. This particular program is not part of the pre-installed programs and it is advisable to download this program on your HD2.

The Opera browser manages to load pages smoothly, without any hang-ups as those occurring in IE Mobile. There is also a significant improvement in navigation and the pinch to zoom capability. And one more advantage to the Opera broswer is its ability to support multiple tabs with the same quality performance, something that the IE currently lacks.

One application which a lot of HD2 enjoy is the pre-installed Google Maps. Opening the maps and even zooming in specific areas is done quickly and smoothly. A-GPS is also provided, which makes location finding within 10 meters not only a breeze, but done with utmost accuracy.

Besides providing general directions to any location, one has the option to go to the Google Street View, which is perfect for more visual people. You can even get directions for any type of transportation you choose, be it public transport, driving or even walking! For those who commute, there are even specific details provided, like what train or bus to take and even the time these will arrive at the stop or station.

A wide range of apps for various purposes are on hand, thanks to the Windows Marketplace. The number of free and paid offerings is growing in number, which can allow you to fully customize and personalize your HD2.

Further, this model has Windows Media Player which is one of the best programs for listening to music. It won’t be difficult to operate this program, even for first time Windows users. There is also no need to manually update your music library, as your phone can do it for you. Watching movies and video is excellent as even clips from YouTube load fast.

All of these is possible because of the Qualcomm processor utilized in the HD2. Its performance is similar to that of a desktop PC, rated at 1GHz. Along with 448MB worth of RAM, no wonder this phone can open and run a number of programs at once, without any setbacks. Have Google Maps, MSN messenger, IE and Windows Media Player running at the same time without any lags or screen freezes. Of course, doing so will affect battery life, but in general the power source’s performance is excellent for a handheld device. These hardware inclusions also make for internet surfing a more pleasurable experience.

It’s quite difficult to position and compare the HD2 among its competitors, such as the iPhone. While the latter is more fitted for the ordinary users, the HD2 seems to target the more business- and technical-minded type of people. Its features are perfect for the on the go business man, with exceptional connectivity, powerful hardware and processor. Supported by one of the best operating systems for mobile phones, the HD2 certainly secures its place among the best smartphones in the market.

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