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Student living can be an exciting time in the life of any prospective student, but it’s also an experience laden with pitfalls and costly potentialities. Many of these events are beyond our controls but the rest can be somewhat assuaged by a well thought out student insurance policy, tailored to your needs.

Many students will be leaving home for the first time and as much as they may have the intellectual nous to look after themselves, they often won’t be able to legislate for the actions of their housemates and their respective associates.

Student houses are very public arenas where the flow of human traffic is often relentless. Theft and malicious damage are never out of the question with parties and social gatherings being a staple part of student life. Add to this the fact that the sum cost of a student’s array of computerised gadgetry will often run into the thousands and student insurance begins to seem more like a necessity than an optional budgetary addition.

Companies like Endsleigh insure mobile phones and laptops against damage or loss with the latter being a particularly useful cheap gadget insurance option. A good proportion of students will lose their phones – a scenario that strikes fear into anyone living in a world where the mobile phone is nothing less than a window to the world. The modern mobile is easily worth a couple of hundred pounds and a state of the art laptop will readily reach the thousand pound mark.

Student Insurance is best seen as a highly tailored form of contents insurance whereby students can ring fence their most prized possessions whilst at the same time save money by not having to insure goods like sofas and tables. Insurance is available on everything from gap years and house keys to musical instruments and electrical goods. Pre-empt disaster and realise the value of your various gadgets now instead of painfully finding out the value on losing them.


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