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The technical support for HP Service provides comprehensive remote software support services for all HP products and softwares. HP support service makes IT working fast with reliable access to engineers who work with IT team to provide advice on software features and use, problem analysis and resolution, software fault identification, and admission to patches.

The technical support service for HP products also provides electronic access to comprehensive support information, allowing any member of IT staff to locate essential product and support information.


Support service features for HP products:

  • Software support.
  • Access to technical resources.
  • Problem analysis and resolution.
  • Intensification management.
  • Operational support.
  • Problem segregation.
  • Remote access to products for diagnosis.
  • Easy coverage window.
  • Easy response time.

Advantages of HP Service:

  • Improved productivity of technical staff.
  • Improved system performance and reduced software defects
  • Expedited problem resolution through trained technical resources.

Included in the service, the customers get access to certain software-related electronic and web-based tools and services, as valid according to their products. The customer also has access to services available to all registered software support users, plus additional capabilities such as the ability to perform searches on technical support documents and facilitate problem-solving, download HP software patches; and to submit and check the status of support service requests.

The Customers are also granted access to technical resources via telephone, electronic communication, or fax for assistance in resolving various software implementation or operations problems. The technical support engineer contacts the customer to provide software technical support in quick time after the service request has been preceded.

Problem Diagnosis and its Resolution:

  • The HP service support includes corrective measures to help the customer resolve identifiable software product problems.
  • It also provides support to help identify those problems that are difficult to replicate. The Customer gets help in troubleshooting problems and solving configuration parameters.
  • It also facilitates escalation procedures to facilitate complex problem resolution by rapidly enlisting the skills of key problem-solving specialists.

Operational support:

  • The technical support staff also provides information on the latest product features, known problems and available solutions, and operational advice and assistance.
  • The Customer is also informed if the problem seems to be hardware-related or software related. If the Customer’s HP product falls under the HP MaintenanceAgreement, a service request can be preceded to the HP customer care for diagnosis and resolution.
  • For any problem not covered under the Maintenance Agreement, the resolution will be provided onsite by the technical support staff.

Telephone support tool may be provided for remote access tool after the customer’s agreement. It allows the technical support staff to work interactively with the Customer and facilitates remote diagnosis of problems with the Customer’s system.

Support is also provided to the customer if he/she faces difficulties after installation and configuration of a software product. Advisory support is also provided for products that are installed in a network environment.

The technical support’s HP service features also entitles customer with various responsibilities and liabilities:

  • Rightfully acquire appropriate licenses to use all software products in accordance with existing software licensing terms corresponding to the Customer’srequirement related to software license.
  • Retain and provide upon request all original software licenses, upgrade license agreements, and license keys.

These services are provided for those HP hardware and software products that are covered under software update service agreement, with certain exceptions.


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