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Testing of mobile applications can take a lot of time and a considerable amount of money. However it is important to make sure that your consumers have a good experience at the time of using the applications. The testers have to make sure the applications provide good experience to the end users every time they use it. Failure as an app tester will result in the dissatisfaction of the users. They may feel like guinea pigs since you are allowing them to face and find out the technical glitches in the mobile applications. Thus the users will simply never come back to you.

You may say that you have a good developer and he/she has done the best. However, it is wise to ensure that the mobile application has undergone testing.  Testing assures the quality of a mobile application, its functionality and if it can meet the expectations and requirements of the end users. A good mobile app means satisfied customers who will keep coming back to your store or company. And the final stage to a good app is testing.

About the Process

Testing for mobile applications will make you face challenges that are unique. One needs to consider the choices and situations that are to be made and considered when it comes to the use of different methods and techniques. Any testing method will definitely have its pros and cons and it is hard to find a testing method that will be completely what you want. It is best to find a testing strategy that is formed with the combination of various testing options. These together may provide with the overall result that can balance quality, cost and the time.

Mobile devices are themselves challenging for testing mobile apps. There are a number of devices through which your audience can access your mobile app. These all have to be taken into consideration at the time of testing. You also need to add the different operating systems and their versions to the list. This can cause complications. If you think of not considering some of the devices or OS you are actually taking the risk of the mobile application not working for a number of potential users of the application.

Testing of the Moving Parts in Mobiles

It is certain that you are developing the mobile application purely for the purpose of business. So, if you are trying to improve the business value of your organization you must take this seriously. One issue with mobile apps testing is that it is quite different than testing for any other platforms. Testers have to consider the moving parts in mobile devices.

The following are some parts that have to be considered:

GPS: Almost any mobile application requires the use of GPS feature. Suppose you are creating an application for map, then it should be tested according to the GPS responsiveness in a device. The tester needs to find out the issues that can occur when the GPS signal can’t be obtained.

Data consumption: Some applications can consume a lot of data. It is beneficial for you if your application isn’t causing a user to cross his monthly data limit. Thus test has to be conducted to see what extent of data will be consumed.

Battery: The tester also needs to check if the mobile application drains a lot of battery power as this is a disadvantage.


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