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Why You Should Hire A System Administrator?

When you start a new business, finances are tight. You probably want to hire as few people as possible so you can keep the overhead of your company low. You probably think you can handle the administration of your system on your own, but it is actually beneficial to higher a system administrator. Want to know why? Find out below:

System Admin Overview

The system administrator basically keeps your computers up and running at all times. Today, most business cannot run without a computer, which means that if your computers are down, then you are not making money. Additionally, a system admin typically helps manage the security of your system and data. Without a system administrator, you are open to attacks from hackers and competing companies.


If you have ever noticed, a computer can slow down quickly and provide less-than-top performance due to malware, unnecessary programs, and simple hardware age. A system admin will keep your system maintained, updated, and running simply and effectively. While you may be able to do some of these tasks yourself, an admin can do them faster and more effectively while you focus on money-making tasks.

Why You Should Hire A System Administrator?

Cloud Security

A system admin is responsible for the cloud security of your computers and network. He or she can change passwords, install firewalls, hide confidential data, and take other steps to secure the data of your company. An untrained person will be unable to perform these tasks and the security of your company will be compromised. System admins can also protect the security of your company online- which is a growing security threat for many companies.

Physical Security

A system admin manages the physical security of your computer and networks. Your admin will make sure that no one who is not allowed touches the actual computers, routers, and other system hardware to keep your data safe. A system admin will be able to install the physical system in the safest way possible, protecting your data and you. Even used hardware, like used Brocade switches can be used by a system admin to keep your company’s computers physically safe from harm.

New Features and Technology

Almost nothing changes faster than the world of technology. A person in the technology field is able to keep up with the latest changes- whether they are a new way to make business easier, faster or better; or if they are a new security threat that your company needs to be aware of. Someone untrained in technology will be unable to determine and face these new threats in technology. A system admin is one of the best tools to use to keep abreast of the latest technology- both good and bad.

It is not hard to see how a system administrator is a highly important job in any company. If you have the ability to cut personnel, it should not be the system administrators. One way that companies can save money, however, is to hire an off-site security company to take care of your system security. This will keep your files and data safe for less, and you won’t have to worry about protecting your company from security risks and computer glitches. However, it is always beneficial to have someone in your office who can fix the computer hardware if an issue arises. In every company, the IT department is extremely important and always will be.


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