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Now that your company’s server is nearly at the end of its natural lifespan, you’re going to have to make an important decision. Your IT department is going to ask you whether you’d like to replace it with a new server, or do what everybody else is doing: go to the cloud.

For added email security and an overall heightened level of efficiency and flexibility, cloud email, provided by companies like Mimecast, truly is the way forward.

Why Your Business Should Consider Cloud Email

The advantages behind using a cloud service are numerous. Businesses have cited increased flexibility and lower IT costs as the main benefits. Using cloud email goes far beyond this, however. The merits of this are not something anyone should need convincing of really, but getting the lowdown is still important. Here are some reasons as to why you should consider ascending to the cloud:

No upgrades or Add-on Installations necessary Means Fewer Blackouts and Crashes

Think about it: email requires a lot of uptime with upgrades and patch software. Email administrators are constantly pulling their hair out over the problems associated with these tasks, and as a result, there can often be blackouts and crashes.

Of course, cloud email services are not a hundred per cent infallible and they undergo blackouts too, but these are not as incapacitating as regular server blackouts. A blackout will be the service provider’s responsibility to rectify – they will be able to partition different areas of the cloud in order to carry out tests. Ultimately, this means only a small percentage of the user base will be affected.

Cloud Email Services are Scalable

Signing up to a cloud email service essentially means that the ability to scale and distribute resources evenly across as many users as you have on the system will become a far easier task.

For instance, if you run a college email system , you may lack the financial capital necessary to cater to the thousands of students that have signed up. With a cloud email service, allocating users based on an irregular, erratic user population is far easier and far more practical, with the service provider taking care of everything for you.

Cloud Email is a Fixed Expense

As opposed to being a variable expense, a cloud email service would mean one fixed expense every month, as opposed to there being additional expenses around on-premises assets. Investing in cloud services for email will mean that your IT department will have a little breathing room for their annual budget.

The true number of advantages involved in switching to a cloud email server are many, and too numerous for the scope of this article. Start considering switching before your server comes to the end of its lifespan: it’ll pay dividends to do your research early, so that your company will benefit both functionally and financially by switching to the cloud.


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