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Writing Tips - Using The 5 Paragraph Essay Method

As a blogger and article marketer, writing can at times seem like a daunting task. Especially when starting out, you may wonder if the time it takes to blog or write articles is worth it. Absolutely, and using the 5 Paragraph Essay method can significantly cut down on your time and energy.

This method is rather simple and has been used in essay writing for years. You make a 5 paragraph outline of the topic you will be writing about. Write one sentence for each of those paragraphs. Your first paragraph will be your introduction to your topic and the last paragraph will be your conclusion. Those two sentences will be general in nature. The middle three sentences will be specific points you want to illustrate to your readers.

Writing Tips - Using The 5 Paragraph Essay Method

Now that you have one sentence for each of your five paragraphs, go back and fill in the blanks. Write two to four additional and descriptive sentences elaborating on your initial outline. Keep your sentences to those most informative. If you find you can’t, that particular paragraph may do well as an article or post of its own.

For each paragraph you will want to keep your word count to 60 or 80 words, resulting in a 300-400 word article. This provides valuable, to-the-point information to your reader. This also leaves you plenty of available information in the event you want to go elaborate on each paragraph in another post or article. Even better you can elaborate on the entire article, turning it into a report for download or an eBook.

Incorporating the 5 Paragraph Essay Method will allow you to digest your writing process in much smaller pieces. This will keep you from being overwhelmed or rambling on and losing your reader’s interest. You may find not only are you churning out higher quality content, you are also motivated to keep writing and creating.



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