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Your Guide To Filmmaking Accessories To Produce A Quality Video

Filmmaking is one of the most fun and rewarding activities a creative mind can do, as it is not an easy process, but if done right, the results can be enjoyed by many. When preparing to create a quality video, there is certain equipment that you need. A video production equipment checklist will help you keep track of the equipment you need and help you to ensure that you have it. Unfortunately though, filmmaking equipment can be expensive, making it difficult for even the most creative filmmakers to bring their visions to life. Fortunately, places like Zacuto offer filmmaking accessories rental for those who cannot yet afford to invest in their art form, but who want to give filmmaking a real go.

Your Guide To Filmmaking Accessories To Produce A Quality Video

Whether you need to rent your equipment or want to buy it, use this checklist to ensure that you have everything you need to create a quality video:

Video Camera

First and foremost, you need a high quality video camera, as this is the staple of video production. Which camera you choose all depends on what type of film you’re trying to produce, where you will be conducting your filming, where you will showcase your film and, above all, budget. Because Zacuto doesn’t want budget to hinder your filmmaking experience, they offer filmmaking equipment rental. Now, you can use luxury film equipment for a fraction of the cost.

Microphone and Boom Pole

What will separate your film from amateur films is your sound quality. High quality sound is best achieved through the use of a shotgun microphone, which is perfect for just about every situation. A boom pole allows you to capture audio from a group or crowd quickly and effectively. Again, this equipment is apart of Zacuto’s filmmaking accessories rental packages.


A tripod is another necessary piece of equipment used by professional filmmakers to produce high quality films. A tripod helps to keep films steady and professional, as well as provides for easier and smoother panning.

Light Reflector and Camera Light

 A light reflector can turn a dull and dimly lighted shot into a gorgeous and well-lit scene. A camera light is useful for filling in ugly shadows, as well as for shooting when you may not have time to set up a complete three-point lighting arrangement.

Audio Cables

Audio cables are necessary if you want to transfer your camera to your microphone. Without them, your audience won’t be able to hear what is said.


Headphones allow you to monitor sound quality at all times, even when the sound is coming from a great distance away. The most professional filmmakers understand that without their headphones, chances of sound quality being poor is very high.

Proper Lenses

From clear protective lenses to wide angle lenses, there are a host of lenses that filmmakers need to film a complete and quality video. Even a single shot can require the use of several different types of lenses, so if you cannot afford the various lenses out of pocket, consider filmmaking equipment rental.

Filmmaking is an art form that requires a lot of different equipment. To make the most of your video production experience, opt for filmmaking accessories rental from Zacuto.


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