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In a 2018 study, Americans spend approximately 7.5 percent more on home improvement. According to the Joint Center for Housing Studies of Harvard University, they’ve spent approximately $340 billion just to build and renovate their homes.

If you own a home improvement business, it means taking this challenge by being innovative with your lead generation tactics. One of the best ways to leverage your company is by building stable relationships with clients through a robust marketing strategy.

According to, Local SEO Search Inc., an internet marketing services for home renovation, “Your home renovation businesses should rank on Google search results. You have to, as they say, “fill the funnel.” In your industry, you must have a constant activity for your business to thrive.”

Now, in this post, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten digital marketing strategies that will improve your home renovation business:

1. Build a website

How can you do business online? Well, first and foremost, you can showcase your business more by creating a website.

In a world where there are highly active internet users, you need to build a steady online presence. So accept the power of the internet as it can bring magic to your business. If you want to see some significant advancements, then creating a high-quality website is the key.

Once you have a site that’s professionally designed with excellent user experience, it’s easier to develop your online visibility and brand reputation.

2. Optimize your site for local keywords

Let’s say that you’ve already set up a website, the next thing that you need to know are the specific search queries that are helping users find your business. If you’re just starting, finding a professional yet affordable SEO can help to improve your brand awareness as well as answers your question along the way.

Optimizing your site becomes easier if you know what specific keywords are you ranking for. Then, you can focus your attention on other relevant keywords.

For instance, if you’re ranking well for the keyword, “home remodeling in New York”. Similarly, you can also direct your attention to ranking on searches such as “bathroom remodeling in New York” or “living room renovation in New York.”

When you improve your search results on other related phrases, then you’re gradually increasing your reach for more prospects.

You can also use the Google Keyword Planner tool to see if users are searching for these specific keywords.

3. Claim your company directory profiles

One way to being “found” online is through online searches such as in business directories.

A business directory is made up of an online list of businesses within a specific location, niche, or category.

These days, Google is inserting itself between local business websites and consumers. So it’s crucial that you put your business information in places where users are going to stumble across your business. Don’t just pray that they’ll come across your site on search results.

When you get your business name, phone number, address and other information listed on directories, it helps you improve your visibility in the long run.

4. Bring back your visitors with retargeting ads

If someone visits your site, doesn’t convert, how do you win them back? Well, the answer lies in retargeting ads.

Retargeting helps convert those window shoppers into buyers. It keeps track of people that have already visited your site. It shows your retargeting ads to them when they visit other places online.

Moreover, it helps generate online sales because every time customers see your retargeted ads, your brand is getting more traction and recognition.

But how does retargeting work?

Well, technically, you need to place a tracking code in your site. Then design your ads that in a way that once it’s clicked, users can contact you. Finally, let the ad run. The longer it runs, the higher the chance that potential customers can see it.

5. Create and update your blog

Blogging is an awesome way to show your credibility in your specific industry. Over time, you gain a sense of trust among your readers and as a result, you’re already establishing a strong connection with them. It also makes it easier for you to win them over.

While it does take a lot of time and effort in your part, the investment is worth it. Blogs allow you to develop content that encourages customers to purchase your product.

6. Upload quality content

It’s not enough that you’re merely writing and producing content. You need to know what ‘types’ of content you are going to deliver.

Creating high-quality content means that you’re the three key content types:

Engagement: Create content that’s intended to start a conversation, such as your opinion to a trending topic.

Evergreen: Evergreen content is usually based on key terms for your business. It’s what you can refer and update over the next few years to come.

Events:  This type is based on a specific event, like a massive piece of news or a home renovation event.

If you already published these types, then review it again, and see if it fits your existing content marketing strategy.

Then, ask yourself ‒ does it work towards your goals? Does it speak to your audience? If not, what can you do about it? Will you update it, or scrap it altogether?

7. Create social media accounts

Social media exploded way back in 2012 when Facebook became public. Creating social media accounts will help you improve your brand image and reputation.

As a home improvement company, you don’t need to be on all social networking sites.

Choose the right social media sites that boils down to your type of audience and your goals. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer excellent options that make sense for remodeling.

Remember that social media is also about building a connection and engagement. That’s why you need to foster the right relationships so that you can gain the trust of your audience.

8. Work with local influencers

Unlike advertising and sales, marketing is all about building trust with your audience above anything else. Trust is the main driving force of why sales occur.

The best way where you can build trust online is to work with a local influencer that has already established it. While some of them might not have a vast audience, the audience that reads their posts and follows them on social media are already targeted.

As a result, you’re raising brand awareness to a hyper-targeted audience. You’re also boosting your online presence. Now if someone searches your home renovation company, they’d likely stumble upon an article, and learn more about you through a trustworthy source.

9. Do email marketing

Get in touch with your past and current customers through a robust email marketing strategy. By doing weekly or bi-weekly emails, you’re consistently interacting with your target audience.

To ensure that you’re consistently reaching out, integrate newsletters, both print and online. Make the copy of your email marketing easy to digest and to compel too as much as possible. You’ll generate massive engagement in the long run.

10. Ask your clients for feedback and reviews

While nothing beats word-of-mouth recommendations, online reviews are equally effective. For instance, if you’re quoting clients and discussing proposals, show them your company reviews.

Ask their review and feedback after your work with them is complete, as well. Both of these are an incredibly powerful way to make your business grow.

Over to You

If you own a home improvement business or wear the marketing hat for one, you know how tough it is to promote your company online. However, by incorporating these tactics in your digital marketing strategy, you’re bound to see positive results over time.


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